The Sequel, My Work In Progress


My work in progress is coming along. I ask my readers not to give up on me. Life keeps throwing curve balls into my writing time. Hopefully this sequel will be available this fall.


Psychopath: a mentally ill or unstable person; especially: a person affected with antisocial personality disorder.

The question I asked myself was if Michael’s son could inherit a psychopathic gene. Would this gene manifest itself causing the son to become more of a monster than the father?

In we learned of the cruel and demented behavior Michael Strongbow had possessed from an early age. Michael’s sexual depravity grew into killing and the taking trophies from his murdered victims.

With the end of his reign of terror, the story continues with his off spring in my next book. Donny Harmon has inherited the same gene. Sexually abused from an early age, Donny’s depravity grows stronger than any demented behavior his father had ever known.

Donny makes it his life’s ambition to hunt down the one woman who had escaped his father’s trap.


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