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Author Bio:

                      Michigan born and raised, K. D. Bloodworth inherited a traveling gene from her father. The grass always looked a bit greener down the road, which led her to many different jobs and adventures. She has lived in nine different States and has called numerous cities home.

She will say she has never been rich, but has been flat broke more times, than she would like to remember. She will also say she is rich with life’s experiences, friends, and family. However, love doesn’t pay the bills. Being loved when you’re flat broke is much easier than having all the bills paid while being alone and feeling unloved.

K. D. decided to follow her mother’s advice and turned her hand to writing. Her first novel, Going Nowhere Fast, was an adult romp through the sixties and early seventies, when attitudes regarding sex, drugs, and marriage was changing. A fictional story based on some true experiences, which K. D. has always refused to tell which parts were fictional and which were true.

In MrPerfect.com, K. D. again reaches into her life’s bag of experiences to weave another tale. A story of on line dating gone wrong, that leads to a woman surviving a serial killer in the wilds of Montana. MrPerfect.com was a finalist in the Independent Author’s Network 2015 Book of the Year Awards.

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in happily ever after. It was the need to tell more of the story of Dawn, John and of course Jake, in the sequel coming in 2018.

K. D. resides in North Georgia, USA, with her husband and two dogs, Muddy and Molly. As stated on her, Twitter account: Not living the dream, but life is damn good.


 MrPerfect.com, will make you think twice about opening a web site.  You may never want to meet that tall, handsome man of your dreams. After all, is there such a thing as a Mr. Perfect?



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13 responses to “About

  1. Great fast reading. Hard to not go into the next chapter. Women should read this book as K.D. teaches us about real abuse and hardship all in the name of love. Most of us southern women have been loved and pampered compared to the girl in the book. I believe “Dawn” in the story is what the author suffered in real life and if that is true she is quiet the woman!!

  2. So enjoyed your first novel, “Going Nowhere Fast!” Very excited about, MrPerfect.Com coming out soon. No woman will want to go on a singles dating site again! Scary!!

    • I grew up in Brighton and have been to Northville a gozillion times. I don’t know if MrPerfect.com will be considered a great book, but I like it. It was fun digging down into my dark and what would scare me side.

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