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With all that I have, I’m trying not to be negative with what I’m about to say, but I’m afraid I have finally lost my belief that most humans are good people. It’s taken me a lifetime to come to this point but here I am.  If you’re reading this, you might care but probably not, and it doesn’t really matter. I’m writing this so other people that are feeling the same way will know they are not alone.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen behavior from people I would have bet my last dollar on that they would never, ever say or do the things I have heard or saw.  Could be they think the same of me.  But what I have observed is people becoming the very things they say they hate. And hate is not too strong of a word. It comes from their mouths and writings.

Of course, that has always been a difference of opinions, from the time I can remember. The first biggest difference of opinion in my lifetime was the Vietnam war. I was in high school.  And although so many of us felt different ways about what was going on, I don’t remember anyone every talking hateful towards me or threatening me.  I don’t remember anyone ever talking down to me just because I felt a different way. I was never made to feel little, told to shut up, or even wished I would die. I never had friends walk away from me because of who I voted for, or tell me to never talk to them again. Not so much the case these days.

People have become a society of hate.  Don’t like someone’s opinion, then the hate is on.  Not being a Democrat or Republican, but more of a moderate human, I see fault with both sides.  Sadly what I see is both sides are so wrapped up in their opinions, they fail to hear anything the other side says. They just know that hate it.

If we as a nation don’t start trying to work together, we are doomed. And I hate that. This past week I heard from some politicians that now the elections are over, both Dems and Republicans will start working together and with the President. That lasted about one day. Then it was they are going to do everything in their power to stop anything the President wishes to do, right or wrong. 

Both sides are blinded by their hate. I’m only going to give one example, and that is with immigration and the border. Both the Clintons and President Obama are on video stating the very same ideas that President Trump is saying now. It was good then but now when President Trump says basically the same things, it’s bad. Horrible. He’s a racist. Etc. I ask myself why? Since William Clinton was in office the gang population of this country has gone way up. MS13 in my opinion should be put on a small island and let them rot.


Hit the Escape Button

Maxine 0059

We as a nation seem to be addicted to 24/7 news, true or not. We look at our phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and televisions constantly.  Seems people have chosen sides and stand fast not willing to even listen any other views or opinions. People are unfriending others not only on the internet but in their lives because of different opinions. This is not the country I grew up in.

In the past few years I have heard and read words from friends I have known almost all my life and would have never thought these people could be so hateful to others that have a different opinion. These actions are towards people they know which makes me wonder how they act towards strangers?

It doesn’t matter what political party you declare yourself to stand with if you allow their beliefs to install hate for your fellow humans into your heart and mind, I think you should rethink your political standings.

It’s hard for me to understand how you can speak of love, peace and the love for other humans out of one side of your mouth and then speak hateful things for anyone that doesn’t believe as you do out of the other side of your mouth.

During the Bush and Obama years, there was many things I didn’t like or even hated. I disagreed with many. I never once wished anyone dead, unfriended them unless they attacked me, didn’t call anyone stupid, again unless they attacked me personally, or did I spread hate and wish our President dead. I didn’t wish bad things to happen to his children or wife.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I made jokes and light of things said and done by Bush, Obama and yes our President now.

How can people say they have love in their heart when they are wishing or asking for bad things to happen to another human being?

It’s time to escape from it all. I’ve decided I’m going to shut down for several hours a day, everyday to escape it all. No TV, no internet, no radio, no phone. Done. I’m replacing all the hatred and discontent with peace and quiet.





A question I ask myself too many times a day but last night is still bothering me. Have I totally lost my mind?

I was unloading the dishwasher when I noticed one of the clips that hold part of the upper tray together had come loose. I took it out of the dishwasher, looked at it and told my husband he would have to fix my new dishwasher.  I never left the kitchen area where I was standing. I continued to empty the dishwasher. About two minutes later my husband walked from the family room to where I was standing, all of about ten feet, and asked me, “What part?”

And just like that……it was gone. We searched the kitchen area high and low. Emptied the garbage and went through every item in the can. I looked three or four times in places where my husband had just looked two or three times. We looked in every cupboard and drawer. We looked under things and in things. The piece just disappeared. Gone. Vanished into thin air.

Finally, after about an hour of both of us searching, I got online and ordered the little part. No, let me phrase that. I got online looking for the part only to find out I have to order the whole top drawer assembly so the washing wand stays in place. I ended up having to spend forty dollars on a three-cent plastic part.

I’m a little upset about that but more so, I’m upset that I can lay something on the counter and three minutes later I have no idea where I laid it or what I did with the part. Then I had to listen to my darling husband nag me.

For years he has lost things in the house. Swears up and down he put something here or there. “We have a black hole in the house that swallows up his things.” However, I usually find them where he laid it down and forgot. Last night I had to hear about the black hole theory again, only it was something I had lost for a change. Mind you, I don’t have a large kitchen and had never moved from the sink and dishwasher area. The part has just disappeared. Poof. Gone!

I’m thinking about installing baby monitors all over our house and workshop so we can go back through the videos and find our things.

Now, where did I set my coffee cup?


Coming Tomorrow!!



All the hard work is over, the tune-up completed, a few test drives have been taken, the reviews have been promising, and tomorrow is the big day.

I would say I feel like a proud new parent, but I gave birth to this baby a while back. With the re-release of this book, with a fresh new look, and professional editing, my baby has grown into an adult, with great promises for an exciting future.

Any of you that are not an author probably think my referring to my books as my babies but as with anything you pour your time, sweat, and heart into, you feel as if it’s a part of you.

When people say the reason they write isn’t for the glory and money, it’s because they love to write, I give thought to this. Yes, I like writing, won’t say, love, because some days it’s a chore to make the words come to life. Almost hating every minute spent on my computer. Then the days when the words come free and easy, I do love it. It’s a love/hate relationship.

Now, as far as the glory, sure don’t all authors dream of being on the New York Best Selling list? I do. Better yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful if some movie director thought one of my books would make a great movie? Ah, the things dreams are made of.

Pull in the reins! A best seller on Amazon would be fantastic.

Here is a little something about Deadly Friend:

Following the horrific events in MRPERFECT.COM, Dawn thought she would never escape the demons that had haunted her every waking moment. But months of therapy finally freed her from the memories, allowing her and John to start their lives afresh with a new home in a new town. Slowly making new friends and gaining the confidence to take a part-time bar job, life was better than it had been for a long time.

Then, the past Dawn had tried so hard to forget caught up with her.

Awaking to her worst nightmare, beaten, bound and bloody, Dawn dared not move, fearing she would wake the monster in the room.

The man sleeping in the chair looked like her friend. Something was horribly wrong.



Needed a Tune-up, now runs smoothly.

Proudly I have announced the release of Deadly Friend: book two. Many have asked me if I hadn’t already written a sequel to  That answer was yes. I’d like to explain.

Have you ever driven a car that needed a tune-up? The car still ran, got you to where you were going, but it missed fired on occasions, was a little jumpy, had a bit of a time starting, and when you stopped, it felt like the car didn’t want to shut down properly.

Although I felt like both my books were good stories, they needed a tune-up. I’m not a world-renowned author with dozens of editors and proof-readers on my staff. I was just an Indie Author trying to tell a good story. I had a couple cheap editors, and let me say, ya get what you pay for, but my budget had me stuck in place. My books were in need of a tune-up by some professionals.

A friend of mine suggested I submit to Junction Publishing. I hesitated for a bit, then decided what the hell. To my delight, they accepted my manuscript. It was the perfect tune- up the book needed. After working hand in hand with several editors, I believe was now the best it could be. It was running smoothly, didn’t miss fire, wasn’t jumpy, started and stopped when and when it should, and lead my readers to a satisfying ending. Not to be confused with a happy ending.

I submitted the sequel which was then titled In the Genes to my publishers, which they accepted. In the Genes was suffering from the same problems as it’s predecessor, in severe need of a tune-up. Again, working with Junction Publishing’s editors, we can now release the best version of the sequel now titled Deadly Friend. She has had a brilliant tune-up. Same book, same story, only now she’s the best she can be.

If you had read In the Genes, I suggest you give Deadly Friend a new look, just as she has. Not only did she get a tune-up, but she also received a beautiful new cover. That feeling one gets when they are all dressed up, ready to go somewhere special, and your mom gives you a new piece of jewelry or a new tie to top off your outfit. The new cover for Deadly Friend is fantastic. Thank you, Marcu Brown and Junction Publishing.

I’d like to thank everyone at Junction Publishing for the time and effort they took to make my stories the best they could be. I’d also like to thank my readers that have stuck with me.

If you haven’t read, give it a try. Junction Publishing and former readers think you will not be disappointed. Five-star reviews.

Deadly Friend will be released September 10, 2018.

part 1 and 1


















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By K.d. Bloodworth

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Releasing 10th September 2018 via Junction Publishing

News from the Mountain

part 1 and 1

School has started in my neck of the woods, causing me to wonder what happened to summer?

An injured back, back surgery and recovery ate up most of my time these past few months. I’m grateful to say the surgery went well and the recovery is also coming right along.  I still have several more weeks before I am entirely released to do everything I could do to injure my back in the first place.

I’m happy to report during my downtime, Junction Publishing, my publisher and I worked hard to make Deadly Friend into a great read. I’m so excited Deadly Friend will be released on September 10th.

This work also got my creative juices flowing again, and I now have a work in progress, but not a thriller this time.  As this project comes together, I will release more information.

Another aspect of my life that was put on hold, while I was not allowed to drive or even ride in a car, was my photography. Many of you know from my Facebook page, how much I love my camera. I do have a separate site, if you are interested in seeing some of my favorite shots.  Seems mother nature doesn’t like to cooperate as since I got my wheels back, we are fogged in till almost noon, or it’s raining.  I hope for better weather so my camera and I can spend more time together.

I often wonder why I have lived in so many places during my life and over the last few months, I have come to the conclusion it was all leading up to my life here in the North Georgia Mountains. This place has allowed me to come to terms with my life, peace has filled my soul. Although I still have that wanderlust, as there is so much in this world I have not seen as of yet, it’s not burning a hole in my heart.  I’m at peace to sit right here, write, take a few photos, watch the birds, read, listen to the quiet and breathe in the fresh air.

I don’t know what I did in my life to deserve such a beautiful place, but I’ll take it and sit right here and enjoy every minute. I can only hope I have many of those minutes remaining.