Busy, Busy, Busy!!

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That’s the word from my corner of the world. Seems as if my days fly by as my to do list keeps getting longer and my done list never seems to grow. Reading, writing and my photography seems to take up all my time, which isn’t a bad thing. Unless you look at my wood floors when the sun is shinning through the many windows on the South side of the house.  As I sit at my computer desk, trying not to see all the stuff on the floor surface, I wonder where does all that stuff come from? I’m surprised we can even breathe the air. I suppose I could pull the blinds until sunset.

I can’t even remember when I ventured downstairs to clean.  I keep saying we don’t use those rooms very often, so they don’t need cleaning so much.  I guess it’s better to keep telling myself those lies.

Yes being busy makes us all liars. “I’ll get to that later.” “I will get that done first thing in the morning.” “That can wait another day.” “If it’s just a couple days out of date, it’s still good to eat.” “I thought I got something out to thaw for dinner.”

On top of being busy with the release of MrPerfect.com, writing a new book, helping other author’s promote their works, taking care of husband and dog, I came down with a nasty virus. Now my busy has slowed to a stop, I’m farther behind than ever, and I decided we need a puppy.  She arrives just before Christmas. That gives me twenty days to get everything done, caught up, and things in order.  Talk about busy? Holy cow!!

I remember the days of long ago, when I would complain to my mom that I was bored and there was nothing to do. Mom would tell me that when I grew up I would be wishing for a day when there was nothing to do because when you grow up you are always busy. I didn’t believe her then but I do now.






A must READ!


Friends to the End, a soul searching, heart wrenching, anger inducing, teary eyed, laugh provoking, drama of real life. At first, I hated both Bethany and Kate, for different reasons.  Slowly, I started to understand why I was hating them and why they were acting or reacting to a horrible part of life.  With that understanding, I soon started to love them.

After living with my father in-law during the five years he fought the same illness, I realized how Susan Tarr completely conveyed the ups and downs of the patient and those that love them. This story searches all the topics terminally ill people search and how their caregivers search and find peace too.

Just as in real life, there were times I wanted to slap some folks and tell them, cut the drama, life is too short for that kind of crap. Then other times I fought back the tears, wanting to hug both women.

Thank you Susan Tarr for this marvelously written tale


How I See the Opiate Crisis


I’m not a doctor or any other kind of health care provider. My opinion comes from living almost sixty-eight years, have seen many doctors, father-in-law was a doctor, I worked for a clinic, and while there,  I worked in the insurance processing department.

The way I see this crisis is not the result of bad doctors or drug addicts, or people just trying to forget the woes of today.  The problem started with insurance companies.

In my lifetime I have seen the medical community lose their minds and common sense. There was a time, not so very long ago, we could go to our family doctor from birth until either they retired or died, or we died. Whichever came first. I was never taken to a pediatrician as a child. I was taken to our family doctor who took care of everything from bad tonsils, chicken pox, shots, sprains, coughs due to colds, bronchitis, several cases of pneumonia, birth control, and the list goes on and on.  As the saying goes, from birth to the grave. When we detoured from this practice, I do not know.

However, during the transition from family practices to having a specialist for every known disease and problem a human can have, the insurance companies learned they would make more money by having the family doctor needing to refer a patient to a specialist. Granted, there are some things a specialist is required. Brain surgery comes to mind.

Not until a few years ago, I had never heard of such a thing as Pain Management. WTH? In my day, if I was having back pain, I went to see my doctor. He didn’t start throwing drugs at me. He started doing tests, trying to find out what was causing the pain. If he couldn’t figure it out afterward, then he might send me to an orthopedic, maybe. Still trying to get to the bottom of why I had shooting pains running down my back and legs.

Now, I would be sent to physical therapy. I understand physical therapy is a good thing. After my shoulder surgery some years ago, a physical therapist helped me get the full range of movement back.  But the insurance company demanded I have physical therapy before my surgery, when in fact this made my muscle tear even worse, according to the surgeon.

Nowadays, insurance companies might approve x-rays, or MRIs but only after physical therapy, regardless. The sad joke around our house, “Got cancer? Go to PT.”  If the cause of your pain isn’t something clear cut on an x-ray or MRI, you’re pretty much screwed. Insurance companies will not allow doctors to keep on testing, or god forbid perform an exploratory surgery, which is almost unheard of these days.

What do insurance companies approve? Pain management clinics. They do not care that you are not being cured. They don’t care that the opiates you’re  given are habit forming.  All they care about is the money. You were referred to a specialist, which cost more money, higher deductibles, higher co-pays and you can only get one month at a time of the drug that is allowing you to move somewhat better. You are forced to go back in thirty days, adding more money to the insurance company’s bottom line. The problem now is that you can’t operate a car or machinery, per the drug company and most state laws. Hard to hold a job when you are sitting around at home drooling on yourself.

Yes, this is a crisis, no doubt about it, too many people hooked on opiates. They need help. The rest of us need help too. As the population ages, we have more issues regarding bones and muscles. Many of us, live with a lot of pain because we don’t want to take the drugs the pain management doctors are prescribing, and the insurance companies will not approve enough testing or surgeries to help us get to the root of the pain or fix what is wrong.

I’m not sure which ones are worse, the insurance companies, the politicians who help the insurance companies with legislation so that they get the favor returned for re-election.

Our whole government is so corrupt we now look and operate like a third world country. In the meantime, citizens suffer.

Old But New Again

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This week I was wrapped in the excitement of an old feeling of acceptance that has turned into a new feeling of hope.

This week I signed with Junction Publishing, giving me not only the longed after feeling of acceptance but the hope that my work is not only accepted but people will actually read my writings and enjoy what they read.

After signing, I found myself feeling inspired. Actually wanting to write more than the monthly writer’s club ditty on various subjects. Although, that monthly meeting has helped in getting my creative juices flowing again. No matter what your writing skills, if you are a writer, want to become an author, are published, self-published, or wanting to be published, I highly suggest you seek out your local writer’s or author’s clubs and join. I wish had done so long ago. The honest comments and support are more important than one would think.

I am now also finding honest, inspiring support from not only my new publisher but also from the other authors they represent.

Of course, as every author dreams, I can vision my books on a best seller’s list, or a top 100. Wouldn’t that be a life-changing event for an author? Dreams do come true. My signing with Junction Publishing is proof of this. So why not dream of the day when my books are listed on those popular lists?

Yes, they are all old feelings and dreams. Old but never forgotten. Old but new again.

K.D Bloodworth



The World’s First Responders


Well, I’m not going to win any Brownie points with this one, but again, I’m an American and have the right to my opinion. If anything, maybe my words will be a cause for some thinking.

First, let me say I feel sad and heartbroken for the people of Puerto Rico, and for the thousands Stateside that have suffered because of the devastation brought on from the hurricanes.  However, there are a few thoughts that have come to mind the past few weeks.

It seems many do not want the Federal Government to enforce the laws of this land, regarding the Consitution. No need to be a legal citizen. Let everyone in and give them citizen rights. Certain States and cities are now sanctuary regions, not following Federal laws, yet they still stand with their hands out for all Federal aid.

It wasn’t so long ago that Puerto Rico was trying to decide again, as to become a State or remain a US Territory.

“This year’s referendum on statehood was Puerto Rico’s fifth. Statehood won for the first time in the last vote, in 2012, but the results were questioned and Puerto Rico’s status remained the same.

Turnout in the election was low, with initial statistics showing below 25 percent of voters went to the polls. The island’s major opposition party, the Popular Democratic Party, boycotted the election. Two other political parties that don’t support statehood also boycotted the election.” (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com)

It would seem to me, people want all the benefits of being a state but do not want the obligations of being a citizen, such as paying taxes.

What I furthermore see, many people here in this country and many in others, are always saying, “The United States is not the World Police. They should  keep their opinions and ideas out of other countries.”  But who do these people call in a time of any kind of emergency?  The United States of course. It’s fine that we be the first responders to the world.  Again people that do not like us, or in some cases actually hate us, always looking for help from us when the going gets tough.

Should we help? Of course. But I believe we must help ourselves before we help others. As long as we have one homeless person in this country of citizenship, one Veteran needing help or health care, one elderly person suffering from the lake of care, or citizens going hungry, then the amount of money going to foreign aid needs to be cut, if not out completely, most surely cut back enough to take care of our problems first.

As once being the caregiver to two elderly parents, the one thing Hospice taught me was to have the ability to give proper care to anyone, I must first take proper care of myself. Doesn’t the same apply to our nation?

If our country is healthy and doing well, then we can give more to stop the suffering all over the world. Seems to me it’s simple math and common sense.

Common sense. That’s another subject altogether.



As I See It

new glasses

I’m no world scholar or claim to be. I’ve managed to live almost 68 years, through several conflicts, several wars, riots in the cities of this country, highs, lows, and everything in between. I’ve traveled all across this country, lived out of my car, been broke, been what I would consider wealthy as to how I grew up. I have been to the best parts of many cities and the places I thought I might not get out alive.

My conclusion on this protesting crap is that it’s all based on lies. It’s true I’m not black, have never been black, and will never be black. How can anyone believe that people of any color in this country are being oppressed when the last President was a black man? There are hundreds of non-Caucasians holding office in the Federal Government, in State and local governments. There are non-Causcasians not only in the rank and file of the police departments around this country but also Officers in our Military.

The only oppression I see happening is coming from other non-Causcasians. Call me a racist if you wish, I really don’t care at this point. When young black children are afraid to go outside in their neighborhoods because they might be gunned down stops, then maybe I will listen to your protests. Facts and figures from our Justice Department prove that most shootings done in your inner city were done by black males, not the police, and not white people.

All the NFL protesting has done nothing but causes everyone to look past the hundreds of people that have been shot this year alone in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, and many more. You’re protesting but are you doing anything to stop these crimes? Same ol BS that I’ve heard all my life, since the race riots in the fifties and sixties, blame the white man! Do you think it was just the black vote that put President Obama in office for two terms? Why didn’t the crime in our major cities go down during those eight years? Maybe it’s because so many of you were still trying to blame slavery and white people for your own problems. How about putting the blame where blame belongs.

Truth being, black women, are more likey to have children out of wedlock and have children from multiple partners. Black grandmother is more likely to be raising their grandchildren. What happened to parenting and marriage in your communities? I don’t see any of you football players protesting that. No, many of you come from single mother homes, no daddy in sight. I guess you can still blame the white oppression on that too?

We all enjoy many freedoms in this country, as your right to protest, your right to have children and as many as you want from as many partners as you want, but that freedom doesn’t mean your actions are right.

Get your own house in order before you start telling others how their behavior is affecting you. Respect has to be earned. Just because you make a lot of money playing a game does not mean I should respect your opinion. It’s hard for me to respect your feelings about the poor blacks or any other minority in this country when you bought two Bentleys because you couldn’t make up your mind what color of car you wanted. The cost of one of those cars would have gone a long way in helping children of some inner city neighborhood. But your money or in this case your knee where your mouth is.

Stop the protesting and get out there and do something positive in the suffering neighborhoods of this country. Stop the lies