A Good Beach Read


The last day of April has me thinking of spending time outdoors on warm summer days. When the days are longer and I have pleasure reading time. When I am not studying some article for work or pounding new information into my head for one reason or another. When the words I’m taking in slide across my minds eyes allowing me to enter a different world other than the one I’m living.

Books that allow my imagination to run wild. Where I can be the heroine or the creepy bad guy.

In today’s social media network world, we do everything on the internet. From keeping up with social events, buying goods, reading books, watching television to finding a mate. I have known several people that have found their true soul mate online.  Still, it had me wondering, what if? What if a sociopath used dating websites to lure his victims into his web of deceit?

So came the idea for MrPerfect.com.  A thriller that will take you into the demented mind of a serial killer and a woman’s fight for survival. Enjoy your summer.



Hope in Humanity

_DSC0763 (1)

For the past few weeks, I have felt as if there was a dark cloud hovering over me. It didn’t seem to matter how badly I wanted the cloud to move away and allow the sunshine to come back into my life, the grey skies were with me.

My husband took me off to the big city for a Pen show. I can see the look on your face as I type. I can hear your question, “Why in the hell would anyone want to show pens?”  I could go deep into that subject, however, this is not why I am writing today.

I’m writing today to express how a few short days spent with some amazing people can reset your views on life in general.  Complete strangers of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations walked into my life this weekend. The only thing we all had in common was the love for fountain pens and writing, yet we spent hours talking about any and every subject you can imagine.

Unlike families, it appears complete strangers can broach subjects considered taboo otherwise. No one was offended, no one got mad, no one yelled and as far as I can tell, not a single person got their feelings hurt.  We laughed together over our differences.

This weekend renewed my hope for humanity. I was reminded who people once interacted with each other and communicated. Yes, we had our cell phones out as we shared photos of our lives with each other. Not a single person sat with their faces stuck to their phone screens as we talked. We did Google a few things when none of us could remember a certain name or place. It was as if we had been beamed back to a time when humans communicated with other humans face to face. It was absolutely amazing.

And even though we drove through pouring rain all the way home, I felt like the sun had come out and was shining on me. Even today as the snow was falling on the Georgia mountain where we live, I still feel the warmth from some great people I met this weekend.

Live is good!



Smart Phones Making Us Dumb


The world at our fingertips has ruined our lives, our relationships, our communication skills, and our ability to listen.

I took a trip by plane two weeks ago and was amazed as too how many people I saw without their faces stuffed into some sort of electronic device, mostly smart phones.  Not watching where they were walking, not listening to anyone talking to them, not paying attentions to important announcements, not even watching what they were eating or drinking.

The one great invention of my lifetime is destroying so many things I have loved in my life.  How sad it seems to me that dinners are eaten with faces staring at the smart phone screen waiting for the next text or the next Google answer. Never mind what people sitting at the same table are saying.

It seems to me that many people don’t understand social communications unless it’s in the form of a text. I thought it was just teens going through a spell, but I was so wrong. It seems to be everyone is infected. I’m not sure what to call this infection, other than the downfall of society.

I saw a cartoon not long ago of a family visiting grandma, and everyone was sitting around with their face glued to the smart phone screen and grandma just sitting there. She might as well have been alone. “Gee thanks for the visit,” I thought.

I am too guilty of grabbing my phone and showing someone a photo, as Googling something none of us older gals can remember, but then the phone is put away, or at least set down and face down.  I did check my emails and sent a text or two when I was setting in the airport. However, I did not allow this to get into my people watching time. Is it only the older generations that watched people when in public places?

If I could do one thing that I think might save our society, I would do away with smart phones and search engines.  Like the weakest of the of buffalo herd, soon many humans would die from the lack of instant information, leaving the world a stronger and smarter place. Why they might even learn how to read and write cursive again, actually allowing them to read original documents.

Frozen dinner, Anyone?



I’m not sure where I came up with the idea that retirement would give me all the time in the world to do the things I wanted to do. I had visions of getting up whenever I pleased, (usually very early for this morning person), enjoying my coffee, catching up on the news of the day, then spending my day writing or painting, or working on my photography. Isn’t that how it appears in the movies or on TV? I should have known better.

Lately, I have been feeling so overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done, and the things I want to do, I end up not doing much at all. I tend to spend too much time in my comfy chair pondering what I should do next. Before I know it the dinner bell is ringing and I’ve got to think of something to prepare for dinner. No words were written, no photos were taken, no painted trim work in the kitchen finished, no laundry is done, no house cleaning is done, and I think I didn’t even make the bed up today. “Ah, tomorrow I will have a plan!”

I toss and turn most of the night, thinking about the plan for the next day. Ha, plans well made!  Always, something happens, and the well thought out plans are tossed aside and I end up doing something else. What is wrong with me, I ask? Am I the only one having this problem? God, I hope not.

“Snap out of it,” I scold myself. “Get with the program.”  But what is the program? Do I need deadlines? It seems setting goals isn’t working for me. Are goals and deadlines the same thing?

Maybe I have ADD? Can someone pushing 70 all of a sudden develop ADD? Or maybe I have the onset of Alzheimer’s? I do have to write everything down, or I forget. My friends say the same thing. Maybe it’s just a severe case of CRS (can’t remember shit.) Seems everyone I know my age suffers from the same symptoms. Did we all have the same idea about retirement? I meant to ask my friend the other day during our conversation, but I forgot.

Someone suggested making myself a work schedule:

Breakfast and photography: 6-8 am.

Social media, including emails and FB: 8-10 am.

Writing: 10-noon.

Lunch: noon to 1 pm.

Writing: 1 pm to 5 pm.

Dinner: 5 pm -7 pm

During any breaks, I must do laundry, tend to the dogs, (still training a puppy), pay attention to my husband, do the grocery shopping, pay bills, and clean house.

OMG! This doesn’t sound like retirement. This sounds like work. Maybe I’ll try this out every other day for a week and take the other days off.

Stay tuned; I’ll let you know how dirty my house gets and how the puppy training goes. Frozen dinner anyone?


We NOT They


I am so very weary of the people saying, “They caused this.” “They could have stopped this.” “They won’t fix this.” Who the hell is this ‘THEY’??

WE are in this neck deep, and all of us are to blame. WE as a nation have failed. WE have failed ourselves, our children, our businesses, our lives in general.

WE have raised several generations of ME first citizens. WE have raised children who have no regard for life, no empathy, and no moral compass.

Even if WE as parents tried to instill good qualities into our children, look at idols who replace us. WE elect the same dishonest, deplorable, representatives with the morals of alley cats to run our country over and over.  WE allow them to get away with actions that we would never do ourselves.

WE allow our children to idolize drug users, domestic violent, immoral, cheaters, liars, and greedy people because they can sing, act, or play a game well. Allowing this, how can we expect any more of the generations that are now coming into adulthood or are already of age?

WE have allowed our technology to ruin our social skills. The majority of society walks around with their faces glued to a phone screen, draining them of any social skills. The internet has given the cowards of the world a voice, good or bad. Giving small children a cell phone is like giving a baby a grenade and hoping they don’t figure out how to pull the pin. WE have allowed televisions and cell phones to become parents to our children.  WE are now several generations into this practice.

The question is, can WE undo all of this? Can WE as a nation stand together and fix what has gone wrong? No more new laws will fix these problems. Guns are not the problem, any more than cars, knives, baseball bats, or fists. The problem is Humans losing their humanity. Which means they have lost all their compassion, brotherly love, kindness, consideration for others, understanding of others, sympathy, tolerance, mercy, charity, goodness, and generosity.



10 Years and Counting!!


I’m celebrating today! I’d like to rejoice with everyone who is fighting the fight or has gone to battle. You are not alone! You will not be alone when it comes your time to celebrate your victory.

There will be many times you will think you are not strong enough to fight, or you feel like just giving up. We have all felt that way at one point or several times during our life with cancer. My best advice to all of you is to keep your sense of humor.

The medical people are going to do things to you while having onlookers you will think came from some mid-evil device invented to torture. No matter how embarrassing you find the procedures, you will survive. Ice cold hands will not kill you.

As the years pass, each anniversary brings a new sense of well being. Anxiety will become a thing of the past.

Let’s face the facts, none of us are going to get out of this life alive. Enjoy each day, find that bright spot each morning, hold fast to it and laugh. Each day you wake up is a good day. Some bad things may happen that day, but the day is still good.

Was I worried ten years ago when I was told I had cancer? Of course. Did I let it consume me? NO, because I’m just not wired like that. Does it ever cross my mind that cancer could come back? Of course, I’m human. Do I dwell on that thought? Hell NO!  I’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to meet.

Even if we should never meet, we are sisters and brothers in this fight. We have stood on the battle field and faced the enemy. Some of us have fallen, but every day, more and more of us join the ranks of survivors.

Today, I stand in celebration of my victory. I invite you to join me in celebration!