Things I Now Understand

Looking around my house yesterday I realized there were so many things I now understand that I just didn’t get years ago. The answers to these questions have come to me as I age. If you have or are asking an aging parent these questions, trust me, if you live long enough you will know and understand the answers.

Why isn’t my mother’s house as clean as it was when I was growing up?

The laundry is piling up.

The bathroom needs cleaning again??!!

Why aren’t the bushes trimmed?

You don’t fix your hair everyday because you’re not going anywhere?

Why are there three pairs of shoes by the front door?

How can you be tired of cooking?

How can you forget to eat?

What are you looking for?

Why are you just standing in this room looking around?

How can you be too tired to go for a ride in the car?

How can every joint hurt, you haven’t done anything but sit most of the day?

Why don’t you wear much makeup these days?

Why do you pee a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze?

How can pushing the vacuum around hurt your hips and back?

And the list goes on and on.

Lesson learned, don’t ask questions of us old people, just help us when you see we need help. Remember we were once healthy, vibrant, young people once, independent. Be careful of how you present your help. It’s hard for us to accept most of the time as in our minds we are still that young independent person.

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