Are These My Golden Years?

Each day I end and start each day with grand plans. Things I am going to accomplish. Only to find on most days, about halfway through my morning, plans and ideas have been set aside or gone with the wind. I ponder this morning if this is my golden years.

I understand the walking into a room and then standing there trying to remember why I walked in there to begin with. I get the putting something in a safe place and then looking for said item for hours or even days. I have learned to turn the TV down at night before I turn it off so I don’t deafen myself in the morning when my hearing seems to be a bit better.

Some things I do wonder about seems to have no answers. What happened to my once spic’n’span clean house? I look around to see dust on the furniture, the floors need swept and mopped, and oh my, I forgot to make the bed again today. Instead I find myself out on the porch or patio enjoying the outdoors.

Lucky me, I have enough things to wear that I don’t have to worry about doing laundry all the time. I was folding laundry the other day when my husband poked his head in and asked, “Do I have any clean underwear or should I go commando today?” My first thought was commando, recalling a more youthful time, but handed him a stack of clean laundry to be but away. I do tend to do laundry more than I care to just so I don’t have large piles to fold or hang up. If it wasn’t for that I would probably always be on the brink of going commando myself. Doing laundry isn’t on my list of fun things to do either.

Cooking is another thing that has lost its ranks of interesting and fun things to do. Rather it’s become a chore of, “What the hell are we going to eat today?” I am lucky to have a husband that cooks when I just can’t make myself step into the kitchen. Luckily, most of the time I could feed him a PB & J sandwich and he’s be just a happy. Thank goodness grilling is still something I enjoy a great deal and I do grill most of our dinners year round.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with my plot. That’s the trouble, I’m enjoying the slow paced, relaxing, watching the world go by, lazy, listening to the birds, have a glass of wine on the front porch life maybe just a little bit too much. Or maybe this is what the golden years is all about. I have friends my age and older that are still working. They say they do it because they love working. Different strokes for different folks as they say or once said.

Last night while sitting on the front porch enjoying a glass of wine, discussing the days events, (we went to town yesterday), while he enjoyed a cigar and a glass of scotch, I remembered how blessed I am to have reached this part of my life.

When I might not always fix my hair or even put on makeup before going to town. When I do house work when I get good and ready. I can stay in my night gown well past noon if I please. I don’t even own an alarm clock. I come and go as I please. I need not impress anyone with anything in my life. Acting silly in public is a pleasure and fun. Laughing at ourselves is the best thing ever and we try to do that as often as possible.

My goal is that one day the younger people that live near us will say, “Remember that old couple that lived in that house? They were always sitting out on their front porch, enjoying the day, and welcoming all that passed by.”

The only problems I see with the golden years, is that they take too long to get here and don’t last long enough. So my goal is to enjoy the hell out of them.

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