What’s Funny?

This morning’s news reminded me that today is April Fool’s Day and I started wondering just what is funny these days? It would seem that just about everything I once laughed at, now offends someone. Is it me, that I didn’t change with the times or is it that everyone else has very thin skin these days?

What great fun we had back in the fifties and sixties playing jokes on each other. Even my parents would trick us, not only on April first but throughout the year. Afterwards we would laugh and laugh. Parents today are probably afraid to play tricks on their children in fear of being sued and the courts siding with the children.

Gone are the days of placing a plastic spider on someone’s shoulder and then telling them they have something on their shirt. What ever happened to the fake puddle of vomit? Or the spring loaded can of worms? I suppose those things would be too disturbing to our younger ones these days. Mother’s would be fainting and falling over like fainting goats.

While I was looking for the photo of the court jester for this article Danny Kaye’s photo popped up from his long forgotten movie of the same title. It brought a s mile to my face as I remember the silliness of such movies. I thought of Abbot and Costello, and of course the boys; The Three Stooges.

I think we have forgotten how to laugh. When we make light of something we ourselves have done, we are told we are shaming ourselves. If we can’t laugh at ourselves we have lost all sense of humor.

I wonder what ever happened to that fake plastic snake I once had? Carrying that over to my neighbor’s house today would be epic! Of course, Mr. T would probably kill it but wouldn’t that be great? Mr. T killing a plastic snake. April Fools!

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