It’s Not 1918,Just Stop It!

The other day I needed to measure 39 inches. I was in a fix as I only had a yard stick. In case you forgot, a yard stick is 36 inches.

So, I cut the first three inches off the stick and glued it to the end. After the glued dried, I took out my ruler which is 12 inches, and laid it down on the adjusted yard stick, and holy crap, the ruler fit three times. Again in case you forgot, 3 x 12 = 36. WTH?

The same theory can be used with this Daylight Saving Time. It doesn’t matter what your clock says, you still only have a certain amount of daylight for each day. Why is that so hard to figure out?

Just pick a time, either Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time and leave it be. Our world moved right along before someone got the idea of moving the clocks forward for a few months then moving them back. Do we really need this in this day and age?

It saves energy they say. We are not living with equipment, appliances, and furnaces of 1918 when this all started. Gives us more daylight. Ya want more daylight, then get up earlier. It’s summer, you’ll naturally have more daylight. It’s for the farmers, they say. Sorry, but I don’t know any farmers that don’t start their day at daylight and work till dark, no matter what their clocks say.

There are more people that suffer physically from this time change than not. Time to stop this nonsense.

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