I’m One Lucky Woman

This weekend I was reminded just how lucky I have been during my years on this earth. Having lived all over this great country of ours, along the way I have met hundreds of people. People from all walks of life have touched my life.

I have always felt blessed to have friends I have known for over forty years and we seldom see each other but when we do it’s like we were never apart. This weekend I was reminded of that again when I saw a good friend that I have not seen in twenty years. The moment I wrapped my arms around her it was as if those years melted away.

If anyone would ask me who’s your best friend, I would not be able to answer that honestly. Although I don’t have a lot of friends, the ones I have kept all are my best friends for one reason or another. I’ve also been lucky enough to have some from one State meet ones from another State. That doesn’t happen often in life either.

It’s not how great your friend list is, it’s how great your friends are. Although my number of friends may not be many, my friends are priceless. We all love unconditionally. We look over our many faults, forgive our sins, and always keep on loving.

The only reason, well maybe not the only reason I’d like to win the lottery, but if I did, I’d gather up all my friends from far and wide and I’d take us all on a grand vacation together. We would sit around and share stories, drink good wine, eat good food, and laugh until our jaws hurt.

Yes, I’m one lucky woman in more ways than I can count but having wonderful friends is right there on top.

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