Oh, Hell Yeah!

Not to worry, I’m not going to go off on Hollyweird not matter how much I truly want to rant about the silliness of actors and their fans. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I once was someone that could be star struck. Until I grew up and realized none of them are nothing special, just regular folks that happen to have a job that makes them famous or makes them think they are smarter and better than the rest of us. Nope, I’m not going to comment on the outrageous amounts of money that was spent on something so silly as a big party to say how great we are and pat ourselves on the back. I won’t mention the hideous outfits. Most of them need someone that looks at them and tells the truth, “That outfit looks like you are wrapped in the kitchen curtains.” Speaking of kitchen……..

No, I’m here to tell you, it’s National Chocolate Covered Nuts day! Oh, hell yes! Shouldn’t we have one of these at least once a month or weekly? Let’s face it, for a real chocolate lover, anything covered with the chocolate of your choice makes whatever it is perfect! My husband once told me I’d eat rabbit poop if it was covered with chocolate. Now I draw the line at some things, but I would try chocolate covered insects or such. Why not?

The first time I tried chocolate covered coffee beans I thought I might pass out. My very favorite things in the whole world, chocolate and coffee! Mocha coffee is okay but the coffee bean thing sent me to a very happy place. How can there be so much strife in the world and hate when there is such a thing as chocolate covered coffee beans?

Sadly, because I have had an ongoing fight since I was about twelve years of age trying to keep my weight down, such treats are few and far between. Seriously, if I ate and drank the things that I love, I would be trying out for that TV show, My 600 Pound life.

It’s a good think I live fifteen miles from town, or I would be tempted to run to the store and pick up some chocolate covered nuts to celebrate the day. Instead, I’ll just look at the photo and drool.

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