Deer Delimma

For the past month or so we have had days upon days of rain, with only short breaks in-between. This morning, for the first time in days it wasn’t raining when I went to let the dogs outside for their morning potty. As always, I step out on the porch first and scan the area for the local wildlife. Don’t need either of my girls running out to meet the pair of foxes, or raccoons, or the coyotes that roam our mountain. Also there have been bear up here in the past.

Usually though, it’s just several of our local deer, munching on my or the neighbor’s shrubs. During all this rain, I haven’t seen the deer seem to be sticking to the lower parts of our mountain. I have seen them several times on my way to town. However, this morning as I quietly opened the door, I saw four of the beautiful white tails at the far end of our yard. They heard the door but didn’t see me.

Stealthily, as much as I could in my big red fluffy bathrobe, I eased out onto the front porch, placing myself between a porch post and their view. If you saw the movie True Lies, it resembled Tom Arnold’s character hiding behind the lamppost. Not such good cover, but it was working this morning.

There I stood watching the beautiful creatures as they munched on the grass and calmly walked over to the neighbors yard. They knew something was watching them but still could not see me in the darkness of my porch.

I watched the usual large doe with her twins from last year who are growing to full size and an extra smaller one. I looked back at my front door and both my dogs were sitting, watching me, patiently waiting for me to let them out. I knew if I let them out while the deer were there, the chase would be on and everyone but me would be running down the steep drop off behind my neighbors house.

My dilemma was, scare the deer off and let the girls outside, or let the deer keep eating and make the girls wait for their potty call. My girls big brown eyes won out in the end, as this was their first time out to potty after sleeping all night. They had already waited on their mom to get her act together, I wouldn’t make them wait on the deer.

I stepped out so the deer could see me, and four white tails flew straight up as they disappeared over the ridge. The girls ran outside side as I opened the door, never the wiser.

If only all dilemmas in life were resolved this easily!

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