I’m going to age myself several ways today pertaining to the National Boy Scout Day or National Kite Flying Day. Probably going to piss some people off too while I’m at it but I’m old and well, I say just about anything I want.

First of all, how can we still have a National Boy Scout Day when just the other day I heard that it’s no longer Boy Scouts, but just Scouts. The being because now girls can join the ‘Boy Scouts’. I guess I’m old fashion, no wait, no guessing about it. Boys are boys and girls are girls. Only two genders in my book. I find nothing wrong with having two different scout organizations. I don’t care if you choose to admit it or not, there are just some things that men/boys can do easier and better than women/girls. Standards or requirements should not be lowered so one gender can accomplish the requirements.

I totally understand the kite flying day was to celebrate the joys of flying a kite. To watch it sail into the sky, floating on air currents, it makes one joyful. However, I’m going back to my youth, to a very old fashion way of telling someone they are annoying and should go away. We would tell them to “go fly a kite.”

With that in mind, I’d like to tell all the promoters of this movement of girls being boy scouts, to just go fly a kite.

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