What’s not to like about this day?

Behold, a National day that in my youth I would have celebrated without any fear. Youth, I miss you. The slimmer body, the smooth skin, the nicely shaped legs, breasts that didn’t visit my stomach when I ditched the bra, shinny, hair and lovely nails. Who wouldn’t celebrate National Shower with a friend day?

Slowly, but surely the signs of aging sneaks up on one and all of a sudden an older version of yourself stairs at you in the mirror. You know it when full length mirrors disappear from your home!

Shower with a friend? I don’t even like showering with myself. A daily reminder that youth has escaped me and the golden years, well as Betty Davis once said, they are not for sissies.

Maybe we no longer share the shower, we do share the bathroom. I’m sure that counts in my age bracket. The best thing about being married to your best friend is that the fun never stops. We may not have the hot, steamy love scenes you see on TV or in the movies, but we still have the snapping each other with a damp towel. Every now and then one of us gets a cold splash of water over the top of shower curtain. And many days one of us greets the other one with a fresh new towel as the other turns off the water. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The ironic part of all of this is that in our youth we could not afford a large walk in shower where two would fit easily and no one had to bet out in the cold. Now, we are fortunate enough to have a lovely walk in shower, not only large enough for both of us but both dogs would fit in there too, our main goal is not to fall and have a bench to sit on so we can wash our feet.

Enjoy your day and your shower.

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