A question I ask myself too many times a day but last night is still bothering me. Have I totally lost my mind?

I was unloading the dishwasher when I noticed one of the clips that hold part of the upper tray together had come loose. I took it out of the dishwasher, looked at it and told my husband he would have to fix my new dishwasher.  I never left the kitchen area where I was standing. I continued to empty the dishwasher. About two minutes later my husband walked from the family room to where I was standing, all of about ten feet, and asked me, “What part?”

And just like that……it was gone. We searched the kitchen area high and low. Emptied the garbage and went through every item in the can. I looked three or four times in places where my husband had just looked two or three times. We looked in every cupboard and drawer. We looked under things and in things. The piece just disappeared. Gone. Vanished into thin air.

Finally, after about an hour of both of us searching, I got online and ordered the little part. No, let me phrase that. I got online looking for the part only to find out I have to order the whole top drawer assembly so the washing wand stays in place. I ended up having to spend forty dollars on a three-cent plastic part.

I’m a little upset about that but more so, I’m upset that I can lay something on the counter and three minutes later I have no idea where I laid it or what I did with the part. Then I had to listen to my darling husband nag me.

For years he has lost things in the house. Swears up and down he put something here or there. “We have a black hole in the house that swallows up his things.” However, I usually find them where he laid it down and forgot. Last night I had to hear about the black hole theory again, only it was something I had lost for a change. Mind you, I don’t have a large kitchen and had never moved from the sink and dishwasher area. The part has just disappeared. Poof. Gone!

I’m thinking about installing baby monitors all over our house and workshop so we can go back through the videos and find our things.

Now, where did I set my coffee cup?



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