Needed a Tune-up, now runs smoothly.

Proudly I have announced the release of Deadly Friend: book two. Many have asked me if I hadn’t already written a sequel to  That answer was yes. I’d like to explain.

Have you ever driven a car that needed a tune-up? The car still ran, got you to where you were going, but it missed fired on occasions, was a little jumpy, had a bit of a time starting, and when you stopped, it felt like the car didn’t want to shut down properly.

Although I felt like both my books were good stories, they needed a tune-up. I’m not a world-renowned author with dozens of editors and proof-readers on my staff. I was just an Indie Author trying to tell a good story. I had a couple cheap editors, and let me say, ya get what you pay for, but my budget had me stuck in place. My books were in need of a tune-up by some professionals.

A friend of mine suggested I submit to Junction Publishing. I hesitated for a bit, then decided what the hell. To my delight, they accepted my manuscript. It was the perfect tune- up the book needed. After working hand in hand with several editors, I believe was now the best it could be. It was running smoothly, didn’t miss fire, wasn’t jumpy, started and stopped when and when it should, and lead my readers to a satisfying ending. Not to be confused with a happy ending.

I submitted the sequel which was then titled In the Genes to my publishers, which they accepted. In the Genes was suffering from the same problems as it’s predecessor, in severe need of a tune-up. Again, working with Junction Publishing’s editors, we can now release the best version of the sequel now titled Deadly Friend. She has had a brilliant tune-up. Same book, same story, only now she’s the best she can be.

If you had read In the Genes, I suggest you give Deadly Friend a new look, just as she has. Not only did she get a tune-up, but she also received a beautiful new cover. That feeling one gets when they are all dressed up, ready to go somewhere special, and your mom gives you a new piece of jewelry or a new tie to top off your outfit. The new cover for Deadly Friend is fantastic. Thank you, Marcu Brown and Junction Publishing.

I’d like to thank everyone at Junction Publishing for the time and effort they took to make my stories the best they could be. I’d also like to thank my readers that have stuck with me.

If you haven’t read, give it a try. Junction Publishing and former readers think you will not be disappointed. Five-star reviews.

Deadly Friend will be released September 10, 2018.

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💫 °❈*✫.•°*°•.✫👤✫.•°*°•.✫*❈° 💫
👤░P░R░E░ ░O░R░D░E░R░👤
.•°*°•.✫👤 ░N░O░W░ 👤✫.•°*°•.
💫 °❈*✫.•°*°•.✫👤✫.•°*°•.✫*❈° 💫

By K.d. Bloodworth

FREE on Kindle Unlimited
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Releasing 10th September 2018 via Junction Publishing


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