A Good Beach Read


The last day of April has me thinking of spending time outdoors on warm summer days. When the days are longer and I have pleasure reading time. When I am not studying some article for work or pounding new information into my head for one reason or another. When the words I’m taking in slide across my minds eyes allowing me to enter a different world other than the one I’m living.

Books that allow my imagination to run wild. Where I can be the heroine or the creepy bad guy.

In today’s social media network world, we do everything on the internet. From keeping up with social events, buying goods, reading books, watching television to finding a mate. I have known several people that have found their true soul mate online.  Still, it had me wondering, what if? What if a sociopath used dating websites to lure his victims into his web of deceit?

So came the idea for MrPerfect.com.  A thriller that will take you into the demented mind of a serial killer and a woman’s fight for survival. Enjoy your summer.



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