Hope in Humanity

_DSC0763 (1)

For the past few weeks, I have felt as if there was a dark cloud hovering over me. It didn’t seem to matter how badly I wanted the cloud to move away and allow the sunshine to come back into my life, the grey skies were with me.

My husband took me off to the big city for a Pen show. I can see the look on your face as I type. I can hear your question, “Why in the hell would anyone want to show pens?”  I could go deep into that subject, however, this is not why I am writing today.

I’m writing today to express how a few short days spent with some amazing people can reset your views on life in general.  Complete strangers of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations walked into my life this weekend. The only thing we all had in common was the love for fountain pens and writing, yet we spent hours talking about any and every subject you can imagine.

Unlike families, it appears complete strangers can broach subjects considered taboo otherwise. No one was offended, no one got mad, no one yelled and as far as I can tell, not a single person got their feelings hurt.  We laughed together over our differences.

This weekend renewed my hope for humanity. I was reminded who people once interacted with each other and communicated. Yes, we had our cell phones out as we shared photos of our lives with each other. Not a single person sat with their faces stuck to their phone screens as we talked. We did Google a few things when none of us could remember a certain name or place. It was as if we had been beamed back to a time when humans communicated with other humans face to face. It was absolutely amazing.

And even though we drove through pouring rain all the way home, I felt like the sun had come out and was shining on me. Even today as the snow was falling on the Georgia mountain where we live, I still feel the warmth from some great people I met this weekend.

Live is good!




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