Smart Phones Making Us Dumb


The world at our fingertips has ruined our lives, our relationships, our communication skills, and our ability to listen.

I took a trip by plane two weeks ago and was amazed as too how many people I saw without their faces stuffed into some sort of electronic device, mostly smart phones.  Not watching where they were walking, not listening to anyone talking to them, not paying attentions to important announcements, not even watching what they were eating or drinking.

The one great invention of my lifetime is destroying so many things I have loved in my life.  How sad it seems to me that dinners are eaten with faces staring at the smart phone screen waiting for the next text or the next Google answer. Never mind what people sitting at the same table are saying.

It seems to me that many people don’t understand social communications unless it’s in the form of a text. I thought it was just teens going through a spell, but I was so wrong. It seems to be everyone is infected. I’m not sure what to call this infection, other than the downfall of society.

I saw a cartoon not long ago of a family visiting grandma, and everyone was sitting around with their face glued to the smart phone screen and grandma just sitting there. She might as well have been alone. “Gee thanks for the visit,” I thought.

I am too guilty of grabbing my phone and showing someone a photo, as Googling something none of us older gals can remember, but then the phone is put away, or at least set down and face down.  I did check my emails and sent a text or two when I was setting in the airport. However, I did not allow this to get into my people watching time. Is it only the older generations that watched people when in public places?

If I could do one thing that I think might save our society, I would do away with smart phones and search engines.  Like the weakest of the of buffalo herd, soon many humans would die from the lack of instant information, leaving the world a stronger and smarter place. Why they might even learn how to read and write cursive again, actually allowing them to read original documents.


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