We NOT They


I am so very weary of the people saying, “They caused this.” “They could have stopped this.” “They won’t fix this.” Who the hell is this ‘THEY’??

WE are in this neck deep, and all of us are to blame. WE as a nation have failed. WE have failed ourselves, our children, our businesses, our lives in general.

WE have raised several generations of ME first citizens. WE have raised children who have no regard for life, no empathy, and no moral compass.

Even if WE as parents tried to instill good qualities into our children, look at idols who replace us. WE elect the same dishonest, deplorable, representatives with the morals of alley cats to run our country over and over.  WE allow them to get away with actions that we would never do ourselves.

WE allow our children to idolize drug users, domestic violent, immoral, cheaters, liars, and greedy people because they can sing, act, or play a game well. Allowing this, how can we expect any more of the generations that are now coming into adulthood or are already of age?

WE have allowed our technology to ruin our social skills. The majority of society walks around with their faces glued to a phone screen, draining them of any social skills. The internet has given the cowards of the world a voice, good or bad. Giving small children a cell phone is like giving a baby a grenade and hoping they don’t figure out how to pull the pin. WE have allowed televisions and cell phones to become parents to our children.  WE are now several generations into this practice.

The question is, can WE undo all of this? Can WE as a nation stand together and fix what has gone wrong? No more new laws will fix these problems. Guns are not the problem, any more than cars, knives, baseball bats, or fists. The problem is Humans losing their humanity. Which means they have lost all their compassion, brotherly love, kindness, consideration for others, understanding of others, sympathy, tolerance, mercy, charity, goodness, and generosity.




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