Stop Breaking the Law


I’ve been listening to the DACA problem for what seems like twenty years. I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut. As I watch this tearing our country to pieces, I believe this can be solved. We, as a country just like most countries have immigration laws. They are there for reasons. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants. Just as far back as my grandfathers, were immigrants. They came here on visas, applied for citizenship and became citizens. They did not start families until they accomplished being an American.

I understand that these so-called Dreamers had no choice in this matter. However, it is not the Federal Governments fault or any other citizen’s that this happened. Yes, Dreamers, it was your parents breaking Federal laws of this country that put you in this situation. You should be mad at them, not the rest of the country. I wonder if your parents ever thought about putting up a fight from the country they left to make it a better place to live or did they just come to the land of the free. Free stuff that is.

Dreamers should be made to apply for citizenship and to go through all the steps that so many of our law-abiding citizens have gone through. Not put at the first of the line. Give them green cards until they can pass a citizens test. If they don’t want to do that, including their illegal parents, then send the whole family back from which their parents came.

I suppose that sounds a little hard, but life is hard. If you start your new life as a felon in a new country, then you should expect to be treated like a felon. Instead, the majority of illegals feel we owe them everything. Got news for you and your kids, we owe you nothing.

Not until every American child in Foster Care has a permanent home, not until every American has a roof over their head, not until every American with a mentally ill problem is being cared for properly, and not until all those people who have already started the process of becoming an American citizen has become one, should any illegal receive a damn thing.

I’m proud to think America and Americans should come first. Dreamers if you want to be an American, then American and its laws should come first. Stop breaking the law!


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