They’re Not Special


Would I like to see my mug in a magazine, on TV or even on the big screen? Of course, I’m human. I have talents. I’m not a total stooge, most of the time. But for the life of me, I can not understand why people idolize celebrities. I don’t comprehend why people think just because someone is an actor, a TV show host, or a news anchor; it makes them wiser and better than the rest of us working stiffs.

Someone works hard to land an acting job, or they just happen to luck out and get that big break, why does that equal in them having a more intelligent opinion on anything?

I have a news flash. Celebrities are not just like everyone else. If you think the person we see as stars and politicians in public are the same when they are off camera or out of the spotlight, you are sadly mistaken.

I would dare guess that 99% of all humans behave better when out in public, at work, or any other time they are in the presence of others. I do it, you do it, and probably everyone you know does it.  It can be as little as being just a bit more polite when you’re out and about.  It’s just human nature. Now multiply those actions by a hundredfold, because your career, your fans, your votes, and your livelihood depends on how people see you in those situations.  Soon you find if you do screw up and act like a total jackass in public, your friends, and colleagues, whose status also depends on their public persona depends on, they are covering up for you and praising you. You can take that to the bank.

My proof is in all the disgraces coming out of Hollywood and Washington DC. And yet, Americans keep gushing over stars and politicians no matter what they have been involved. Praising them because they raised a ton of money for abused women, while they abuse women. Congratulating each other because they finally after 30 years came forward and said something about horrible activities they knew about all along. Acting as if they better than the masses or more intelligent. I ask why?

The sad thing is that so many Americans contribute to this by flocking to their movies, watching their television programs, voting for them over and over again, and finding reasons for their atrocious actions vile speeches.

Celebrities and politicians are cut from the same cloth. Humans that will say and do anything to promote their well being.  It seems that both groups of people have forgotten that so much that they have said and done was recorded. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look back at old videos to see what celebrities and politicians said in the past. It’s quite entertaining actually.

The next time you state how much you like this personality or that legislator, I hope you will stop and think. They may have once been similar the person next door, but they aren’t any longer. I doubt if any of us would want them for neighbors.




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