Looking Back with a Smile


I just finished reading Scavenger Hunt by Meg Buchanan that set my mind racing back to my youth.  Made me start thinking of all the things of my youth I experienced, lived to tell the story, wished I hadn’t been so stupid, things that could have changed my life for the worst, and the things I passed up that could have made my life better.

I sit here on this Sunday morning wondering “What was I thinking?” Or maybe even better, “Why wasn’t I thinking?”  Did I think I was truly ten feet tall and bulletproof? The many escapades in which we survived, only fueled our attempts to try even more silly and dangerous things.

We surfed on the hoods and trunks of our cars long before any Hollywood movie set that scene. We were dirty dancing and making out in at the local drive-in theater before that was popular in the movies. Decades before Hollywood started making movies about teens occupying their time around a bond fire, drinking beer, and telling ghost stories, we had that mastered.  Our favorite story was the one about the couple parked on a lonely dirt road, making out when they hear something. Getting scared, they drive away. When the guy stops and goes around to open his dates car door, there is a hook as used for an artificial hand attached to the door handle.  They had just escaped the dying at the hands of the “Hook.”

I often wonder if I could go back, would I change any of the shenanigans we were lucky enough to live through? Probably not. Looking back, these experiences, good or bad, made me who I am today. Maybe they made me a better parent, or a better friend. Maybe they gave me my love for life and my strange sense of humor.

I do not regret my past. It’s just compiled memories that I can look back on with a smile on my face and appreciate that I lived this long. Today is a new day and tomorrow will be another new day, if I’m lucky enough to still be here.



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