What Say You?


As you celebrate Independence Day, I wish everyone would give this some thought. For years I have heard Americans say, we should be more like Europe. They do this, or they do that. Health care is free. College is free. They let all aliens into their countries. Blah, blah, blah!

Listen up people; there is more than one reason people from all over the world are willing to give up everything they own to come to this country.  It’s not because everything is free! Although, there are many in this country believe everything should be free. Let me tell you; nothing is free. Not even freedom.

When other countries offer free things to their citizens, who do you think is paying for it all? The citizens are paying with up to 50% income taxes in some countries.  So you want to be like other countries? My suggestion is that you move there and leave the rest of us alone here in the good ol U.S.A.

Yes, this country was built with open doors, allowing the masses to come and settle here. We were a growing nation.  Things have changed. If you haven’t noticed, we are fairly populated. We have our own problems we need to tend to before we continue to allow more people to come here and live.  A five-year stay on immigration should be ample time for us to fix our problems.  That is if we can get the jackasses in Washington D.C. to stop fighting each other and actually work.

I wouldn’t feel so strongly on this immigration stoppage if those coming here wanted what we have worked so hard to get. Instead, the masses come here and try to impose their lifestyles on us.  I don’t care what religion you are, or how you practice, but don’t move here and try to force your old ways of life on us.  You want that kind of life, then go back to where you came.  You can fight your way out of the mess your country is in just like we did.

So, as you are grilling that hamburger or hotdog, fishing for that big catch of the day, watching fireworks, remember we are all Americans. Stop with that ancestry crap. You are not African/American, or Mexican/American. If you were born on this soil, you are first, by all means, an American.  If you become a citizen, then be proud of the hard work you have done to become a citizen and be an American.  My suggestion is if you are so proud of your ancestry that you place that country before America, then move to that country. This country was built on the blood, sweat, tears, and bodies of people that believed this place would be a better place to live.  How about we stop trying to tear it down, making it like other countries,  and start acting like Americans.  Peoples not afraid to work hard, get their hands dirty, and earn their way through life.

Freedom comes with a price. Sometimes that price is just a matter of thinking differently, or how Americans once believed.  What say you?




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