What day is this?


“Honey, someone just tried to open the room door.”

“What time does maid service start here?”

“I don’t know.”

“What time is it?”

Looking at my phone in disbelief, “Holy Crap, it’s 10:10!  That can’t be right!”

My husband never sets his alarm because I’m always up before the sun.

“Are you feeling ok? You never sleep this long.”

“Crap, check out is at 11. Get up! Get up!”

And so started our Friday on the third full day of moving.  I didn’t know we could move that fast. The dogs thought the motel was on fire and our tails.  Brush our teeth, run some water over my head and face, dried my hair, threw yesterday’s clothes on, loaded up our bags and dogs and was on the road before 11 by minutes.

I fell asleep last night watching TV. I woke up at ten, turned the TV off and it was lights out for me.  Only to wake up sometime after midnight and without the ability to fall back asleep. I have no idea what time I was able to fall back asleep but apparently, when I did, I fell into a deep sleep.  I woke up once and I thought it was real early as no one was stirring.  Hell, everyone in the motel was already gone!

We did make it to our Friday destination and not much later than we thought, even with fighting a strong wind from Amarillo Tx to Shawnee, OK. The wind is really sweeping down the plains!



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