New Adventure


The doctors tried to tell me it was only bronchitis, but I’m sure I had the plague. Days of sleeping in my chair or in my bed, coughing until my body felt like I had been beaten, I am now on the road to recovery.  I am very happy to be recovering. However, the knowledge that I am now almost two weeks behind on everything is making me crazy.

I am ready for our new adventure to begin. Looking back on my life, I should say we are ready to continue the adventure.  I suppose my love for the mountains began some sixty-one years ago. The very first vacation I remember taking with my parents. We visited the Great Smokey Mountains and followed the Blue Ridge roads in search of Smokey the Bear. At the age of five, I didn’t really understand that the black bears we saw along the side of the road were nothing like the cartoon character I that I loved. I was a junior forest firefighter, after all. The bears left me crying in fear, hiding the backseat of my family’s 1954 Chevy. The second sighting went much better. I believe that trip was indeed the beginning of my love of the area.

During the twenty-three years, I lived in Alabama, I spent many weekends and vacations in this area. An area always dear to my heart.

Having been sixteen years since we visited the Southeast, we decided to start the new year off with a vacation to northern Georgia. True, not the prettiest time of the year to visit the glorious Smokey Mountains, nature treated us with a beautiful snowfall. Although the trees were bare of leaves, the snow sticking to every little branch and twig, leaving ice along the creek banks, it also released the fresh aroma of the pine trees. It was that very first morning of our trip that we realized how much we missed the mountains, creeks, and lakes.

Our half-hearted idea of going on vacation and taking a look around for a home became a mission. With a happy heart, full of hope and excitement, my idea of living in the mountains is becoming a reality. How blessed I feel that I am being given the opportunity again to do something I had always dreamed about. I once wanted to live in a warmer climate, which happened. I wanted to live in Virginia, Montana, and in Arizona. Now, I’m given a chance to live in the mountains.

A new adventure, new stories, new photos. Life is good.




One response to “New Adventure

  1. So glad you are starting to feel better. Don’t worry, everything will get done. When are you closing on the AZ house?




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