Show some Kindness


As another year ends and many of us look forward to the start of the new year, while scrolling through Facebook this morning, I was deeply saddened.  While most of the posts were filled with humor, satire, hope, and a tiny bit of wisdom, so many were filled with just the opposite.

Not so long ago, a billionaire was rubbing elbows with the elite of both coasts. Attending parties, weddings, political functions and countless appearances on celebrity’s television shows. All was good in the nation. Donate to our causes, invite us to your parties, bring your fame to our parties and we’ll all live happily ever after.

My how things have changed. Now the billionaire is the President-elect, and those very same people have turned him into the scourge of the earth. Boycotting, ridiculing, blaming, threatening statements, and doing their best to ruin the inauguration.  I get it, they don’t  like that their candidate didn’t win. There was a time in our country it was an honor to be invited to an inauguration even if your candidate didn’t win. Yesterday I heard a has been celebrity hoping 2016 also takes the President-elect along with all the others that died so far this year. I wasn’t surprised something so hateful came out of Hollywood. I was ashamed.

The fact that so many Americans follow along with the elite of Hollywood making them the heroes of the day saddens me even more. Actors are just people with jobs like the rest of us. They are no smarter because they are famous, or rich, and have the opportunity to broadcast their opinions. Many of them have no better education than most of us.

Another thing that saddens me is the fact that our politicians are upset that their despicable, underhanded, hateful emails were hacked and made public. They are not upset over the content.  Other Americans feel the same way. Are there any scruples left in our country?

I’m embarrassed for those that acting like spoiled cry babies over this election. I’m embarrassed for those that are asking for a day of mourning on Inauguration Day.  For all of those entertainers that have turned down the invitation, do you really think the rest of us Americans really give a damn if you show up or not? You would think when you didn’t move to another country after the election didn’t go your way, you have gotten the hint. We did offer to help you pack. But you’re still here trying to impose your beliefs on the rest of us through the liberal media.

As 2016 ends, maybe it’s a good idea to give up all of the dispair over what may or may not happen in the future.

Let 2016 end and begin 2017 with a better attitude. Stop wishing bad things to happen to people. Wish for good things for everyone. Let 2017 be the year we all show more kindness. Stop hiding behind social media to spread hate.



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