Disappointed Brats Running Amuck

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Yesterday I posted this opinion on Facebook:

Now we have to hear how in the hell could you not vote for Hills or how in the hell did you vote for Trump? Come on people, give it a rest. The election is over. Let’s live in peace for the next few months. At least give the new President a chance before you start in on him. We all gave Obama a chance. Apparently by what happened many Americans wanted a change. It’s time to work together as a nation, all lives matter, get Americans back to work, stand strong in the world, and be the nation we once were. For those of you too young to remember maybe some history lesson would do some good. There was a time when in the not so long ago, Americans were moral and lawful and didn’t need the Federal Government telling us how to live every aspect of our lives. We worked hard, played hard; not everyone got a trophy, or a raise and minimum wage jobs were not career choices. Americans were proud to be a tradesman and didn’t feel less of a citizen because they didn’t have a college education. People didn’t feel entitled to anything, and they worked to get ahead. There have always been corrupt individuals in government, but they were not the majority, and people didn’t disregard them as politics as usual. There was a time in this country when people weren’t offended by just about everything and everybody. There was a time in this country when parents parented their children and didn’t leave it to teachers and police.

We just might do better going forward if we learn from our past.


I will say that I had many people agreeing with me, but wow there were a lot of unhappy people with my thoughts. I have reread my post several times trying to figure as to why this upset folks, not that it matters, yet still I wonder.

Are the people that got upset the parents or grandparents of the people protesting in the streets yesterday? If so, I have some opinions on that. To all those people responsible for raising spoiled, immature, brats that pitch a fit if they don’t get their way, shame on you! Yesterday’s protests are what you get when you teach your children that they deserve a trophy for just showing up. Protests and violence are what happen when you don’t teach your children how to lose. Yesterday’s behavior is what happens when you give your child everything their little heart’s desire and never say no.

I say to the protesters, grow up! Educate yourselves, get a job and go to work on changing the next election if you are so unhappy. It really is very simple. If you don’t like the job you have,  keep working and keep looking. Keep trying until you find a good job. In the real adult world, you might need to work two jobs to earn enough money to live until you land a well-paying job. In the real adult world, you will not always get what you want, when you want it, and be happy with the outcome when things happen.

In the real adult world, as a mature adult, you must learn to suck it up buttercup. Stop being a mambee pambee sissy pants and start acting like an adult. If you need hot chocolate or a therapy dog every time you are disappointed in life, you might as well crawl back into your mom’s womb. This world is too harsh for sissies like you. And forget about growing old because old age is one of the hardest things you will face, not for sissies.

People are talking about how they are fearful because Trump was elected.  What you should be afraid of is the future that will be in the hands of spoiled brats who think they know everything and will stomp their feet and pitch a fit if they don’t get their way.

I did my job as a parent. I raised my children to deal with disappointment. They knew they couldn’t win at everything. They were praised for good behavior and was not spared from punishment for bad behavior. They are mature adults, have educated themselves, held good jobs, and have been responsible for their lives since they graduated high school.  I’m not bragging on my parentings skills; I’m just looking at people running amuck in the streets yesterday and just voicing my opinion on why this behavior is happening.



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