Can’t Make This Crap Up

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I grew up in a time of stay at home moms and soap operas. Like many women of the times, I was hooked on the daily stories. My mother would fill me in on the happenings when I would get home from school. Later, I had friends that watched the same stories and we would keep each other up on the happenings. What a wonderful time we lived in when VCRs came about and we could record our favorite shows and catch up with them after work.

Life and busy times took over and Soap Operas fell by the wayside. Old favorites went off the air. New programs became popular. I refused to become addicted again and never tuned in again.

Sadly, I need to report I’m addicted to another show. It’s called the Election of 2016! Yes, I’m hooked. I can’t seem to read or watch enough of this crap. I try not to turn on the 24/7 news channels. I try not to watch the morning, noon and evening news. I try not to investigate reports on the internet. Like I just said, ‘I try.’

The reason I say I try is that I miserably fail. I’m a junkie. One can not make this crap up. It’s all beyond anyone’s imagination. I consider myself a fairly good author of two thrilling mystery books, and I could never come up with the crap I’m watching on the news these days.

The twists and turns, the lies and deceit, the money trail, the accusations, the number of bodies, throwing in a few foreign countries for some spice, some sex, drugs, and alcohol, and there you have it, America’s Election 2016.

I find myself tuning in every few minutes to see what has happened. There are a few new television programs which the storyline pertains to politics and the writers of these programs fail at coming close to the real thing. Why would I ever watch these shows?

I’m addicted to the “BREAKING NEWS” banner on the TV screen.  Speaking of which, I haven’t seen the morning news yet and it’s almost nine in the morning. Gotta run……..


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