Just Me Wondering


I am totally shocked that there seems to be no one asking Hillary a few important questions. I starting to think I’m the only woman in American other than Hillary that has been married to a cheating man. No one wants to ask the hard questions but I will. I earned the right.

I know what it’s like trying to carry on with daily routines while wondering if your husband will come home after work, or show up in the wee hours of the morning. I know how the doubt creeps into your mind when he calls and says he’s working late. Or he must stay out of town another night. I know what it’s like showing up for work the morning after he didn’t come home the night before. I know how hard it is to keep one’s mind on the work projects when thinking he’s at it again, even after he promised it would never happen again.  Does anyone think it’s any different between Hillary and Bill?

Forget about the emails, the FBI investigations, the scandals, the lies, the neglect of duties, or anything else attached to Hillary. Think about having Bill Clinton as first Mister, or whatever they are going to call him. He still is a  lying, womanizing, cheater. Not hearsay, but self-admitted by Bill truly and he paid several women large amounts of money to settle out of court. Who’s going to be watching Bill? The Secret Service? That’s a joke. They were watching him while Bill was having sex with a twenty-something-year-old aid in the Oval Office. Do you think Hillary isn’t going to be thinking of these things?

Makes me wonder while she’s in an important meeting with heads of State, or with her Cabinet, if her mind will be wondering where Bill is and what he’s doing instead of them having her full attention.

Maybe Hillary is over all of that, doesn’t care what Bill is doing, and it’s all about being President. I still am wondering.


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