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I’m finding today’s newest video of Donald Trump talking trash a true testament of how short are the memories of liberal media and liberals in general. Hillary tweeting his comments are horrific shows her true hypocritical self.

Let’s be honest here. It’s true not all men talk this way with other men, but many do. Locker room BS.  If this offends you, don’t talk this way or listen to people talking this way. Now, that’s an easy fix.

The truth of the matter; just because Donald Trump said these things, doesn’t confirm he did these things. Even if he did, what does this have to do with him being President?

Seems not to very long ago, we had a President that wasn’t talking about having sex or grabbing women; he WAS having sex and grabbing women, while he was married to Hillary. He was doing this in the White House on our tax payers money. He then lied about it, finally telling the truth when the evidence was so overwhelming he had to come clean.  (Because the blue dress had not been cleaned.)

What did the media and followers of the Clintons have to say? They stood by Bill, said it was his personal business and he kept his job as President. Now all of a sudden they are outraged over something that was said privately?

Is Trump saying he was going to grab a woman by her private parts worse than Clinton sticking a cigar into a woman’s private parts? Would seem to me the actual act of doing something like Bill did is worse than talking about doing something. How soon the media, Clinton followers, and Hillary forgets these things.  Hillary not only didn’t think Bill was too disgusting to be President but did everything she could to help him keep his job and to destroy the women who had sex with Bill.

The Press and the liberals again showing their double standards when it comes to the Clintons.  Her emails that were released today says it all. She tells Wall Street and her comrades one thing and the general public another.

Hillary is the real horrific deal in this election, not Donald Trump. The Clinton Lemmings will never see the true Hillary.

In My Opinion


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