Dinosaur or a Scholar

ScanScan 9WTHDSC02574new glasses

So many stories between these few photos, I can hardly remember all of them. From time to time I try to share a bit of wisdom I have stored away, either from learning the hard way or a true life experience with a happy ending.

This morning I started to think of why I bother? I had to admit to myself; I never listened to older people when I was growing up.  I believe I remember thinking, ‘just because it happened to them doesn’t mean it will happen to me.” I prefer not to think of myself as a dumbass and more naive, but honestly, dumbass fits better.

Naive and just plain dumb luck. Was it the times we lived in or is the younger generation living on the same life plan? At least I had a checkbook and knew how to balance the account when I was sixteen.  And I still write in cursive. I’m either a dinosaur or a scholar.

I suppose I will continue to write from time to time regarding lessons learned during my lifetime, if only for a trip down memory lane for myself. I’m probably naive thinking someone might take something away from one of my stories. Or maybe it will be just plain dumb luck that a reader will learn something.

I suppose one day, one of my readers will be telling another generation of how they lived through crashing their car while texting. Or how a long time ago people used their phones to scan their boarding passes before flying on an airplane.

Speaking of planes, a long time ago we could fly student stand and fly just about anywhere we wanted for little or no charge. The military had first choice.  Spent many a day at Chicago O’Hara airport waiting on a seat to get home from someplace. But that’s another story.







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