What Does It Mean?

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I would like to report that I have been working on the third book in this series but I have been a slacker since March. Death of a family member, changes all around to our everyday life and settling back into a regular routines has cause me to set writing on the back burner. Then a ten day trip to Montana turned into 11 day trip with a lot of airport time. I promised my publisher I would get with the program when I got home.

I was sitting at my daughter’s home in Montana, looking out over the creek bottom and the prairie when the thought of killing off one of the main characters popped into my head. I pondered this for a good while, trying to decide which should it be, her or him? Then my brain dove into the how I would kill either of them off. That was a deep dark cave.

What does it mean when an author is thinking about killing a main character? Am I tired of her or him? Am I tired of the story? Or am I being realistic, that life doesn’t always end up in a happily ever after?

I really am sort of stuck as of what to do. I had the story and ending all figured out until that one afternoon in Montana. Now I am torn. To kill or not to kill? What does this mean?




3 responses to “What Does It Mean?

  1. I know it would be really anticlimactic for me if you killed Dawn. I mean, she fought her way through so much, only to be cheated out of a happy ending? Personally, I read fiction because it offers me better things than life. If you give us a sad ending, it will ruin the entire series for me. 😦 Please, don’t kill Dawn. Give her the happy ending she deserves.

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