And the Oscar Goes To:

Amry Oscar

In the category of people thinking too much of themselves, the Oscar goes to Hollywood! 

I do watch the red carpet event before the Oscars, as I do enjoy looking at the dresses, jewelry, and hairdos. (Speaking of which, if you have adorn yourself with a $25,000 evening gown and hundred of thousands of dollars of jewels, shouldn’t you spurge on someone doing your hair? Having long hair and showing up like you just ran a brush through your locks before running to the grocery store does not send style vibes. But that’s a whole other topic.

This morning while watching the morning news, of course it was Oscar this, and Oscar that. My big statement this morning is, “Who gives a rat’s ass?” Well, beside those in the business. An Oscar means a better paycheck for your next project, so I get it

What I don’t understand is why Americans are so seduced by Hollywood. These people are no different from any of the rest of us, except maybe their bank accounts. They have an occupation that if they make it in the business, they live like kings and queens. Live like does not interrupt to are kings and queens. There opinions are no better, or more important than Joe Bob the plumber or Sally the waitress. 

Leonardo Dicaprio’s speech last night made me laugh. I’m not sure if he ever finished the building of his home on an island down in the Caribbean or not. However, not so many years ago, 2008 in fact, he was building an estimated $12 million home there. Sure it was to be a very nice home but the costs were increased because everything has to be shipped to the island. I wonder how many boat and plane trips had to be made supplying every single item needed to build his get away place? I don’t in any means begrudge him an island retreat or a bit fancy home, but don’t get up there and preach about taking care of our world when you probably polluted the air with those boats and planes more than a small town during the same time period. So Mr Dicaprio, although I loved your acting and movie and agree you should receive the Oscar, I’m calling the bullshit card on your speech.

I do not understand why people that happen to work at an occupation which makes their faces well knows are thought more of than Firemen, Police, or people serving in our Military. I just don’t and never have understood the fascination people have with celeberties. They make a lot of money playing dress up and acting like someone else. I’m also not saying it’s not a hard job. They get up early, work long hours, and if they are good at their trade, I’m assuming they study for their rolls. But how does that make their opinions any better than mine or yours? I’m also not saying you need a formal education to be smart, but many actor’s never graduation from high school and yet they are revered as scholars when they open their mouths. The masses making goo goo eyes as they make their stand on this or that. 

Ever notice how many are anti-gun but make movies where hundreds of people are gunned down for entertainment. Ever notice how most of Hollywood preaches about racism, freedom of speech and such but if someone is known to be a conservative, you might not work in Hollywood ever again. Why even last week, I saw a report of yet another actor coming out of the closet as a conservative. You thought I was going to say gay, did you? 

I love going to the movies, always have and probably always will. I love the evening gowns, the jewelry, and the hairdos. Did I mention the shoes?  Hollywood, you are entertainers, so entertain me. I don’t know you. I don’t hang out with you. I don’t care what your opinions are. Unless you want to come to my house for dinner and have a good discussion about your opinions, then I wish you would just shut up and keep them to yourself. Specially when you aren’t asked.

In the bullshit category…the Oscar goes to Hollywood, again!     




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