Public Announcement


Yes as always, every four years America has Presidental elections and even the smartest and kindest see to fall into the pit of craziness.  The two party system has torn our country in two but on top of this, every four years people lose their minds.

Normal everyday people who would normally not ever use bad language, call people insulting names, or never think of being rude to anyone are turned into political manics.To make things worse, we now have the internet, in which one can randomly insult someone’s intelligence.  Or one can blast someone to hell and back, without any consequences, other than being unfriended or cursed. The skill of normal debates have long been lost.

Election years, a time when many people start thinking about becoming an Ex-pat somewhere. Then again, isn’t better to know the crazies you know, than the crazies you don’t know?

Soon the elections will be done, (not soon enough for those of us that are already tired of the rhetoric), and the crazies will calm down and slowly slip into their regular routines. Or so we can hope. Those that hang onto the craziness, seem to hold office, for years.

The rest of us will go about our regular lives, trying to maintain some resemblance to normalcy. Others will try to regain their manners and scruples. All the while we know the craziness is only a short time away, and it will start all over again.

My best advice is to find something fun to do and let the crazies carry on without you. Maybe if everyone ignores them, they will go away!





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