A Small Favor, Please

Evil living in MT



When they said they were a struggling author, I thought they had writer’s block, or some other problem in putting pen to paper. Or in these days of computers and technology, fingers to the keyboard. Oh, how wrong was I!

The stories came to me easily, and I wrote some days, fast and furious. I won’t even mention the hateful editing portion. If you have ever read my blog before, you know how I loathe editing my own work. I hate it so much, I detour from editing my blogs and emails. That’s a lot of loathing.

The struggling part comes in trying to be noticed, read, and hopefully liked enough the readers will post a review. I once feared a bad review, until I realized it doesn’t matter if you have written a best seller and you have a big publishing house, there will be those that hated the story.

This past couple of months I have seen a rise in sales. I am tickled to death. Not that I’m getting rich, however if this trend keeps up, by 2020 I may have earned enough to compensate the editor expense. So, you see it’s not about the money.

Like all humans, I seek approval from other humans. I want to be liked. I want people to like my books. I want people to tell others to read my books. I want people to put my books on their to read lists. I know, by now you are saying, I want, I want, I want! But in my defense, it’s not like I’m asking for something outrageous.

Like all Indie Authors, I’m hoping enough people will read and like my books that a big publishing house will take notice. How often does that happen? I probably have a better chance of being hit by space debris. I’m sure that’s what J. K. Rowling said, so it does happen.

I’m going out on a limb here in asking a small favor for those of you that have read my books and have not written a review. Would you take the time and send me a short note about the book? I will not use any names, but I would like to use your statements in my upcoming promotions.  Just a small favor.

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