They Don’t Look Presidential

All the Presidents

Again this morning I heard someone say, “he doesn’t look Presidential.” Again I found myself thinking, what the hell does that mean?

After all, any good photographer or makeup artist can make just about anyone look a certain way. With that said, I turned to my favorite, Google. I couldn’t believe some of the photos on the web of past Presidents and of President Obama, not looking so prim and proper or Presidential.

Oh, K. D. you know they are talking about their actions not so much the way they appear, you say. I see! Not to mentions any names, but getting oral sex from a young intern in the oval office was Presidential? Lying to congress or being impeached is Presidential? Having an affair with a Hollywood star was Presidential? Having children with a slave was Presidential?

It doesn’t matter how you take the statement, just in my years, acting or looking Presidential hasn’t helped America one bit. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been the same ol, same ol for as long as anyone can remember. Everyone in office from the very beginning owes someone something for their help in getting them elected. Everyone one of them have made speeches and made promises, that have gone with the wind.

I am neither Democrat or Republican. I’m not even sure if I’m an independant. I’m a free thinking American that happens to be tired of politics as usual. I think Bernie is smoking his own dope. Hillary has no clue as to how us regular people live. As far as the GOP candidates, I’m tired of them too.

I don’t care if you look like the Jokester from Batman, if you can stop the palm greasing, lying, cheating, and lobbyist while you protect our country from illegals and terrorists, then I might vote for you. I want someone that will allow ICE and our military to do their jobs. I want someone that will stand up to sanctuary cities and tell them they will lose all Federal Funding if they don’t stop harboring criminals. Like it or not, it’s a crime to be here without a VISA.

One thing for certain, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired with politics as usual.




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