Hearts on Fire


For the last few days all I have seen and heard is Valentine’s Day commercials. I do believe the so called holiday has bypassed the commercial, ram it down our throats of Christmas. Buy, buy, buy!

How sweet are the memories of Valentine’s Day past, when we were too broke to celebrate according to the retail world. When a single rose, or a card was extravagant. Going out to dinner would have been too much for our budget. When our hearts were on fire for the company of each other.

Over the years we have been fortunate and have purchased lovely gifts for each other but the special memories have nothing to do with gifts, or money spent. The special memories come from the heart, not the pocket book.

Special words at the right time. An unexpected hug or kiss. Unspoken words of support when you think no one cares or understands. Time spent together, doing nothing.

Of all the Valentine’s past, the one which will stay with me for the rest of my life, will be the one from 2008.  Fifteen days post mastectomy my Valentine looked at me and said, “The only thing that matters is the cancer is gone. You will be here for many more years. And no matter what, you will always be beautiful to me.”

All the fancy gifts, chocolate or flowers in the world can top that for me. Are our hearts still on fire for each other, you may ask. I’ll just say there are many types of fires. When you are young and in love, mostly they are very hot and flash fires. As you grow older with each other, the fire may not be as hot and quick, but becomes a slow burn that lasts a lifetime.







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