It’s Really That Simple


I know I have written about this subject before, however this whole getting people to write a review still has me dumbfounded. Why is this such a chore?

Authors are not asking for more money, or demanding physical work on one’s body. We are only asking for a little bit of the reader’s time. Oh, and a few strokes on the keyboard. I’m willing to bet most readers spend more time on Facebook during one day than all the time needed in a three month period to write a simple review on one book.

One doesn’t need to be creative or an author themselves to write a review.  It really is very simple. No one is going to grade you on what you write, this isn’t school.

  1.  How many stars would you give it? Click on a star.
  2.  Did you like the book? (examples: ‘I loved this book.’ Or ‘I liked this book.’ ‘Not my cup tea.’)
  3. Why did you like this book or didn’t like it? (examples: ‘I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading. Very exciting.’ Or ‘Author made me fall in love with the characters.’ Or ‘The story was well written but for my liking I just couldn’t get into the characters.’ Or ‘I like the characters but I couldn’t get into the story.’

Books are subjective to everyone’s different tastes. If you don’t like science fiction but still read a science fiction story and you find that you still hate science fiction, you can still review the book nicely. Let the readers know you usually don’t read the genre but you gave it a try. “I still don’t like science fiction but author created great characters.” You can always find something nice to say if you think about it. No need in being ugly.

If the book has an adult warning, then don’t complain about the cussing or sex. That’s like picking up a book on Poetry then complaining it had too many poems or a cookbook with too many recipes.

Trust me on this, once you write a few reviews the easier it gets. Like everything in life, practice may not make perfect but it will improve whatever you are doing.

So give an author a gift of a review. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. It will put a big smile on someone’s face and a boost to their day. It’s really that simple.



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