Please Consider This!

I admit that I post silly and sometimes inappropriate jokes regarding all of the current Presidential candidates and that’s my right as an American citizen. In doing so, I try my best not to insinuate that the people choosing any candidate are uneducated or just plain stupid. No matter who you support in the upcoming election, I wish you will give a few things your time and consideration.

Mostly this blog post is for those of you that have never been in the military, have had spouses or children in the military or have had jobs where you had to deal with anything the Government considered to be Top Secret. There are many reasons things are deemed Top Secret. At in level in the military or in a government related job, you are given a Top Secret clearance or above, you are required to sign a non-disclosure or contract stating you have read and understand all the rules pertaining to the clearance.  As a wife, husband, mother, or father of anyone working in a Top Secret job, it’s understood these rules apply to you too. As for me and I’m sure others, when we asked questions and they were skirted around, we knew the answer was something that couldn’t be talked about, so we changed the subject.

Over the years we have learned to live without knowing exactly where our loved ones are working. Oh, we might know they are in Afghanistan or Iraq, but we do not know where in those countries they might be. We know they are stationed here or there but we do not know what missions they might be involved. We know they have access to Government satellite phones but they can’t call home on those. We understand they have access to Government secure computers but they can’t email us on those. So we wait. We wait days, weeks and sometimes a month or more, until they can get to a phone or computer they are cleared to use. We wait without knowing.  We wait while we watch the news channels with any reports coming from the country our loved ones are working. We wait and when someone asks us what our loved one is doing overseas we answer with a general answer because we don’t know all the details. We don’t ask, we are not told, and we don’t tell.

People in charge know the rules, know what Top Secret means and they should be held at the same standard as the rest of us. People in government positions that blab or leak anything Top Secret or anything they think might become Top Secret, should go to jail and lose their Top Secret clearance, period! No questions asked.

I know there are going to be people reading this that will say, these occupations were our choice and if we have to live our lives waiting it’s not your business. That’s true. However, please try to put yourself in our lives. How would you feel if you or your loved one was put into more severe harm’s way because someone didn’t follow the rules, allowing Top Secret information to be in jeopardy or actually told secrets to people that had no business in knowing? Would you feel safe for yourself and your loved ones with these type of people running our Government? Should they be allowed to serve in the Military, in Congress or even be considered as Commander in Chief?

We live in dangerous times and need people in charge that can follow the rules and do not believe they are above the law. We need leaders that understand they are in Washington to represent Americans and not there to do their will. It seems for years the people that have been voted into office have forgotten these things.

I am by no means trying to tell anyone who to vote for however, I’m suggesting some things you might want to consider before you vote.


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