There’s Always Tomorrow, Hopefully


Are you kidding me? It’s the 14th of January, 2016? What happened to the first 13 days of this new year? Honestly, I have no clue.

It was just yesterday I was planning on the new year and scheduling time everyday to write. I have managed to put 7,000 words to print. Every single day there has been something come up that has kept me away from my writing. Doctor’s appointments, phone calls, repairmen, yard workers, dog groomers, vet appointments, and grocery shopping. I did manage to get the furniture dusted today. Now my husband can’t leave me notes on the table tops.

When I retired, time management fell to the wayside. I have no idea how people think they will be bored when they retire. I have less time to accomplish things during the day than when I was working full time outside the house. What the hell happened?

Then there this problem with eating. If we didn’t have to eat I would have more time. Less trips to the grocery store, less time spent cooking and cleaning up, and less time eating. Why wasn’t I born as one of those women that say, “I forgot to eat.”  How in the hell does one forget to eat?

Then there’s the time spent on hygiene. We do spend a lot of time in the shower, then all the time spent afterwards, dressing, fixing the hair, applying a bit of makeup, and cleaning up the bathroom afterwards.  Not to mention all the time I spend washing, drying, folding, ironing, and hanging up clothes.

Since I failed at winning my share of the 1.5 billion dollars on the Power Ball Lottery, I can’t not hire a staff to take care of these things. I didn’t even win enough to take a time management class for seniors.

I will be satisfied with my present time management plan, which is to get up every morning and get as much done until it’s time for me to go to bed. There’s always tomorrow, hopefully!




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