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You have problems, your neighborhood, your community, your State, and Country has problems. Let’s face it the whole damn world has problems. Fortunately, the big mess can be fixed with a two-rule life style. It doesn’t get any easier.

Rule #1: Treat others, as you want to be treated.

Rule #2: Mind your own business.

The first rule fixes everything! No one wants to be lied to, stolen from, over charged, injured, taken advantage of, yelled at, shot at, pushed around, treated rudely, hit or beaten, cheated, dishonored, or just plain treated badly. Don’t do these things to anyone else!

There ya have it. If you look at all the woes in the world today, they extend from someone not treating someone else as they wish to be treated. From the troubles in the Middle East to the streets of Chicago. From a homeless person in Paris to an out of work person in Korea. Somewhere along the line, someone isn’t treating someone right.

Second rule: mind your own business. If everyone in the world would stop trying to force their opinions and beliefs on others and just mind their own business the world would be such a peaceful place.

If I’m following rule #1 and treating everyone kindly, then what I do with my life shouldn’t be any of your business. Likewise, if you are following rule #1, then what you do in your life isn’t any of my business.

In following rule #1, I’m pretty sure you won’t be breaking any laws. If you’re not breaking any laws then it’s not anyone’s business what you are doing, in your religion, your work, your hobbies, or your life style. Got it?

If I could change one thing in 2016, I would have the whole world to live by the Two Rule Life. It sounds too simple however; it really is that simple if you take a good long look at our world today.

Apply the Two Rules to your life and see how much better things become. Not only is it simple, it’s not going to cost you a dime! A better life and a better world for free!


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