A Christmas Love Story

This was true last year, true this year. A love story for all times. Happy Anniversary tomorrow Mom and Dad. I do miss you so.

Author K.D. Bloodworth

Dave and Virginia 1939

The year was 1939, Fort Smith Arkansas. Historians have a lot to say about that year. War breaking out in Europe was the main concern for many but just getting by day-to-day was a way of life for many.

On average things looked good for people across the nation. One could buy a new house for $3,800. A new car would drop you back a good $700 but you could fill that car up with gasoline costing you ten cents a gallon.  One could leave a grocery store with bags full of groceries for just a few dollars.  A loaf of bread could be bought for eight cents and hamburger was fourteen cents a pound. I might have been in big trouble being able to buy coffee at three pounds for thirty-nice cents. The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind came out that year. Americans could see the movie for twenty-three cents.


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