To Text or to Twitter?


Trying to close the generation gap is now harder than what my parents experienced. I have learned this by trying to communicate through texting and on Twitter with 140 characters. Although I feel as if I’m raging a good fight, I think the battle is being lost.

I’m from a generation of woman that spent hours on the phone in deep conversation with people I had just spent hours at school with or had just worked eight hours together. I find myself trying to text or Tweet the same conversations and it’s just not working.

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog Hope your Saturday is going well. We are doing fine here in the Valley, #Christmas is upon us and the new year i

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog s closing in on us. I’m not sure where the year went. How are things on your end? Do you have some extra time off

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog for the holidays? Holidays are so much more fun since I retired. No rushing around, no stress and time for relaxi

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog ng. Geese, remember when we did all that decorating, cooking and traveling during the holidays? It was much easie

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog r when we were younger. Speaking of being younger, have you mastered this twitter thing and the phone texting? I

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog got a text from my daughter last night and before I could answer her question I received three more text. Within

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog seconds I was behind and so confused I didn’t know what answers went to what questions. I’m not sure why young pe

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog ople these days would rather text than pick up the phone and talk. Does anyone know how to have a conversation th

#Goodmorning #Saturdayblog ese days? Oh, I must run, just got a text from the kids. Hope you are having a good day. I’ll try and call after


The kid: Hey mom, are you up?

The kid: How are you feeling today?

Me: yes

The kid: I hope better than yesterday. We are on our way shopping.

Me: fine

The kid: Getting the last of the Christmas stuff done

Me: Much better, thanks

The kid: Did you get my text last night?

The kid: We were at dinner and people were asking about you.

Me: You going to the mall?

The kid: We had a great time. Wish you had been there.

The kid: We’re here, I’ll text you later. Luv U

Me: What Christmas stuff left to do?

Well, I’ll just call the kid. Dialing…….dialing…..dialing….

“Your call has been transferred to automatic answering, please leave a message at the tone.”





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