Snippet Saturday


heart pounding

My conscious mind told me I was awake, but I refused to open my eyes. If I kept them closed, maybe the pain would go away. My body felt as if someone had beaten me. I assumed I was sitting on the floor, my right hand still attached to the bedpost. My left hand confirmed my ass was on the floor. My head was throbbing in different places from before. I touched my forehead to find a goose-egg-sized bump. At some point, the bump had bled, as my fingers touched something sticky.

I opened my eyes to calculate my injuries. Looking at the palms of my hands, I found oozing scrapes and splinters of some kind embedded in the fleshy heels. My clothes were filthy and cuttings of my hair still clung to the material. My jeans were pulled up but the snap and zipper were unfastened. The knees of my jeans were laid open, with my bloody kneecaps showing through. My brain flashed the blind crawl up the stone stairs.

It was then I noticed the pain radiating from between my legs. I shifted my weight, trying to ease the pains shooting upwards into my body, when the memory………………


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