Getting to Know Me, part 1


After receiving some questions regarding my life and my views on life, I decided I would blog a bit about myself. Then I realized, I wasn’t sure just how to do such a project. Who I was forty years ago and who I am today are the same person, but in so many ways completely different. All the things I have experienced in the past sixty-five years have contributed to this non-politically correct, strange sense of humor, smart-ass, loving, kind, and caring person I have become. Somewhat too trusting the wrong people and you would think I would learn those lessons but I keep on trying.

I joke and laugh at the wrong times according to most people. I find humor in almost everything I see or read. If I think something or say it in the privacy of my own home, I’m more than likely to say it in public. If you ask me if this outfit makes you look fat, I’m kindly going to tell you it isn’t your best choice and something else looks much more slim. My friends and I already know how much weight we need to lose.

Don’t get your panties in a wad, if I make jokes about other people. I’m the very first person on my list of people that gets hammered with my humor. At the doctor’s office the other day after the nurse weighed me she asked how tall I was. Without skipping a beat, I told her six foot four inches. It took a second or two but she caught the joke and started laughing.

I had a stroke nineteen years ago. I still crack jokes about those days. Still when I get overly tired, my one foot drags a bit. When I catch myself doing this, I over accentuate the dragging and do into my best Quasimodo imitation.

I had breast cancer in 2008, which resulted in a one sided mastectomy. I am cancer free and glad of it. However, the reconstruction with an implant has left me with a left sided twenty-five year old look breast and a right sided sixty-five year old looking breast. Now if you don’t think this is funny looking I think you need to look at your sense of humor. On top of this, my implant has ruptured and now is misshaped. No worries, my new boob will be installed this month. Did you know they now have age appropriate implants? Cheese and rice, this will be a completely new set of boob jokes for me to create. Laugh on people, it’s only a boob and I’m cancer free. Something to be happy and laughing about!

If my posts and blogs offend you, I hope this explains some things for you. I have stopped apologizing for offending people. Being offended is your right, which doesn’t make you right and me wrong. We’re just different.

If you want to know a bit more about me and why I’m different, stay tuned for part two.



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