Consider This

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As long as there’s a sliver of light, there is hope. Keep looking for the light.

I’m writing this not to change anyone’s mind but to give those reading this some food for thought.  Just some things people need to consider during these complicated days.

Syria and other countries do not have the files and documents on their citizens as we do here. Many have no documentation of their births. Many are born at home. Many come from small villages with no electricity or other modern conveniences. They purchase documents later in life to flee their country. How can we expect the FBI, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, or any other agency to vet the refugees?

I heard today on the morning news, someone stating this Country was built on allowing refugees to come here. Even if this was true, there are some other things to consider at this time other than just the security of the United States. These things have nothing to do with color of one’s skin or religion.

The country is already over $18 trillion in debt. The counter is moving faster than I can type this.

There are already millions of illegal aliens in our country which we have no documentation. We have no clue as to their intent or background. There are thousands of gang members in Los Angles, which many are illegal aliens.

We have hundreds of thousands of American citizens out of work.

We have thousands upon thousands of Americans homeless and/or hungry.

We sadly have millions of Americans with no or hardly any job skills.

We have millions of people in the country that can’t speak or read English.

Our education system is producing young adults that can barely read and we are number ten in the world in education.

I believe we need to fix our own problems before we open the doors to people that couldn’t fix problems in their own country. Turning anyone away is a horrible thing in any circumstance. Accepting more people at this time will hurt our country and our fellow Americans.

My question to those that can prove who they are and have no ties to terrorists, would be what job skills do you bring to our country? As a country, we do not need more unskilled, out of work people.

We need to get this country out of debt, working, housed, fed, and educated.

Americans and America should come first. Too many years of helping others before we helped and fixed our own is what got us into this mess.



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