#Snippet Saturday

first jpeg of cover

He longed for a cup of coffee, but took a drink of his leftover Coke. Deciding he might as well get started on hauling the gear up to the cabin, Donny slid out of the sleeping bad and unfolded himself from the truck. The cold air was a fresh slap to his warm face.

Deciding to take the chest container up the trail first almost ended up being his last hike. With the large container balanced on his shoulder, Donny slipped on a frost-covered log, falling backwards. The container slid down the steep trail with Donny following on his back, feet, and legs up in the air. The container smashed up against a sizable tree, with Donny sliding to a stop against the container.

Donny laid there for a minute, trying to catch his breath and making sure nothing was broken. Dumbass, watch where you’re walking. Carefully he stood, hoisted the chest back on his shoulder, and continued to the top of the trail.

Although it was only a bit above freezing, Donny was sweating. He slid the container into the doorway, turned and took a seat on the steps. Happy with his progress on his grand plan, he looked around, smiling. He could hardly wait to bring Dawn to her new home.


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