Honor and Service: American Contractors


When you think about our military, please remember civilian contractors

Two U.S. State Department contractors were killed after a Jordanian policeman opened fire Monday at a police training center, a U.S. official and a Jordanian government spokesman tell Fox News.

The shooter also killed two Jordanians and a South African, according to the Jordanian embassy in Washington. Police shot and killed the gunman, who was dressed in a military uniform.

Two additional U.S. trainers and at least two other Jordanians were reported hurt, and are receiving treatment in Amman.

DynCorp International, a Virginia-based company that provides security, aircraft and intelligence worldwide, confirmed some of its personnel were shot, but did not identify them. “The company extends its thoughts and prayers to all involved and to their families and loved ones,” DynCorp said in a statement.

So many people think contractors are wanna be military but the truth is, the majority of civilian contractors are former military members, most “too old” according to military rules for signing up to serve, but still have the skills and knowledge to serve and do an outstanding job. Sure there have been reports of contractors that have done wrong, but please remember the vast majority of contractors over the past 12 years have been nothing up up-standing, honest, and hard-working Americans taking on dangerous jobs in support of our military.

Remember too, these men and women’s families are scattered all over the country and do not have the support that military services have for families of deployed members. Contractor families mostly tough this out on their own.

Contractor’s families live day-to-day with the same fears as military families. Wives wait for that phone call. They look for their husband’s face in the crowd on the nightly news. Their heart skips a beat when they hear a news report that American Contractors were injured or killed. Contractor’s families are just as lonesome when their loved ones are deployed and just as happy when their loved ones come home. There just isn’t any media fanfare for those departures and arrivals, but that’s alright. Like our military, they aren’t in those jobs for the glory. It’s about honor and service.

Please, if you pray, say a prayer for these families.


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