Thanks for the Sweater, Aunt Lucy!


I was scrolling on my Facebook author’s page this morning and found this quote. I do not know who wrote this, but I couldn’t agree more!

With the age of self-publishing, the market is flooded with new authors. I being one and my latest book In the Genes was one of the millions released this year. All of us are struggling to be noticed. All of us spending hours a day promoting our work, in what seems to me as if I’m begging for readers.

Last year when I released, the first thing I did was offer it free of charge. I thought I might get some feedback, reviews, and fans. Over three hundred copies flew out of Amazon. A year later, I’m sure none of the reviews I did receive came from any of those three hundred free copies. In my opinion, I think this is rude, and here’s why:

Giving a copy of your book to someone is the same as buying him or her a gift. I wonder if those readers would receive a gift and they would never acknowledge the gift or send a thank you. I would think, if you receive an ugly sweater for Christmas from your Aunt Lucy, you would still thank her for the gift and find some sort of complement. At least I would, even if the sweater was too ugly to wear, ever!

I have read books that I had to struggle to finish. For whatever reason, I just didn’t like the book. I still try to write a review, which says something good about the book. Unless you have ever put your mind to writing, you have no idea the amount of sweat and tears that are applied. It’s perfectly fine to say the book was not your cup of tea, or that you didn’t like the style in which the story was told, or you wanted to know more about the characters. There is no reason to make it personal and attack the author.

With that said, so many of us new authors give our books away or sell them for $.99, in the hopes that we will be noticed. I don’t know about in other countries, but here in the States, most people think nothing of stopping by their favorite coffee shop and forking out $5 for a large, fancy coffee. These same people expect a free book or a $.99 book. If said persons found a barista who made an enjoyable cup of coffee, would they expect it for a below market price or free?

I have had other new and independent authors give me copies of their books. I thank them and leave a review. However, even on my limited income, I purchase 99% of my books. I can’t even remember the last time I read a well-known author. My opinion is, if they have made their way to the New York Times best seller’s list, they can live without my money. I’m going to buy a book written by an up and coming author and leave a review. It’s my way of supporting my fellow authors.

Purchases, no matter the amount of the sale, along with kind but honest reviews, inspire authors to write more.


One response to “Thanks for the Sweater, Aunt Lucy!

  1. You’ve hit the right spot, K.D. I gave away so many free books, and God knows where they’re pirated right now. People should stop expecting free stuff and start respecting the work, sweat and tears embedded within the pages of a book.

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